October 19, 2010

Comida de Verdade.

Today, I decided I wanted to make something
different, you know, every family whether consciencely or not, has a favorite dish and...well tends to stick to that ONE dish most days. In our family, that one dish happens to be Rice && Beans.
I remember when I was little and mom wanted to make pasta, or soup or something else for lunch. I didn't like those days. And I remember being little, and mom asking Dad && I wanted for lunch and I'd answer in all my six-year old truthfullness, 'I want real food today.'
She'd smile, 'Ok, what's real food then? "Arroz && Feijao" I'd answer eager to make sure my mother knew the definition of 'REAL' Food!

Today, though, it's different, today I wanted to make pasta. So I did. I made Salad, Dressing, Pasta & Herbs, Roux Sauce, Hummus & Pita Bread, Stir-fried Veggies with Honey Garlic sauce. And so we ate. But not as much as we usually do. And then Victor said it. Said what we all were thinking.

'I want real food.' I know what we'll have for lunch tomorrow. Rice & Beans. - Real Meal.

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  1. o my gosh i miss your beans and rice soo much!! it is defanetly real food!!!


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