September 28, 2010


Me: 'Ala-Ka-DaBra Ala-Ka-Zam, Make this box as pretty as I am!'
Victor: 'And then the box withered.'

Me (trying again): 'Ala-Ka-DaBra Ala-Ka-Zoo, Make this box as ugly as YOU!' *points at Victor*
Victor (smirking): 'And then it turns into a beautiful diamond!

September 26, 2010


Mom. *looks for shoes.* *can't find them.* *gives up*
*looks for sweater* *can't find it* *gives up* sighs.
I holler - 'MOOOOOM!' *thumps down the stairs* 'How do you think I look?'
'I think I found half my wardrobe.' she replies.

Grocery Stores.

Names of stores: Food Basics
Giant Tiger
Canadian Tire
Food Lion
Dixie Mall

The way we say it:
Basic Food (mom.)
Tiger Giant (mom.)
Lion Foods (mom.)
Canadian Tired (victor.)
Winn-Dixie Mall (me.)
Thing is. We're not doing it on purpose. Oops.


*Mom ironing peaceflly by window.* *I tiptoe and sit on her bed.* 'I'm a widow.' I say.
Wait for it. Wait for it. There! She spins around leaving the iron to burn a hole through my dad's shirt. 'What?' she demands. 'I'm a widow!' I sigh. 'Really?' she mocks sarcasticly, crossing her arms. 'Yup. My crush died before I was even aware he existed.' I sighed again eyeing the burning shirt. She rolls her eyes. 'Whatever.' she says turning back to examine the vehement vapor from the iron. I wait. Patiently. 'And who, were you married to?' I smirk, 'Fred Astaaire, of course!' Now it's her turn to sigh while I go on and on about all the other proclaimed Mrs. Astaires out there. Really, it's a wonder she doesn't have gray hair.


Love without justice isn't Love. Justice without love isn't Justice. - Dad

Good Night

L. - Love you, Dude.
V. - Love you, Bettie.

September 15, 2010

Books && Faces

Sure, Use facebook. But remember, one day you'll have to face the book. -Dad

Blame it on girls.

Victor && I were playing soccer in the backyard. Confused because I was goalie && attacker I touched the ball with my hand when I wasn't supposed to. 'Oops, I said. That was a foul wasn't it?' 'That's O.K.' He answered. 'You're a girl.'

Quiet Age

So, I told Victor I didn't want to watch one of his silly cartoons. Resulting conversation - 'Why Not?' 'I dunno. It's to noisy.' *sticks nose back in book*. He *sighs* ''Don't tell me your reaching your quiet age! You're only fifteen! Quiet Age begins when you're 60!!'' . . . We mature early in this family.


*Watches video with Victor* - Victor says: 'Was that English or Portuguese?'
Yep .. It's time we went back!


I told Victor I occasionally quote him on facebook. He broke into a grin, nodded and said, ' So I'm famous for wise sayings!'

P e n n i e s

After about a year of strenuous collecting, Victor && I Have accumulated a total of *drumroll*
-->1,002<-- Pennies! Whoot Whoot!

You've Prayed this before.

Dear God - Could You please super-glue my brothers mouth for just 5 seconds?
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