October 19, 2010

Comida de Verdade.

Today, I decided I wanted to make something
different, you know, every family whether consciencely or not, has a favorite dish and...well tends to stick to that ONE dish most days. In our family, that one dish happens to be Rice && Beans.
I remember when I was little and mom wanted to make pasta, or soup or something else for lunch. I didn't like those days. And I remember being little, and mom asking Dad && I wanted for lunch and I'd answer in all my six-year old truthfullness, 'I want real food today.'
She'd smile, 'Ok, what's real food then? "Arroz && Feijao" I'd answer eager to make sure my mother knew the definition of 'REAL' Food!

Today, though, it's different, today I wanted to make pasta. So I did. I made Salad, Dressing, Pasta & Herbs, Roux Sauce, Hummus & Pita Bread, Stir-fried Veggies with Honey Garlic sauce. And so we ate. But not as much as we usually do. And then Victor said it. Said what we all were thinking.

'I want real food.' I know what we'll have for lunch tomorrow. Rice & Beans. - Real Meal.

October 14, 2010

Bits of School Wisdom.

It's better to be the worst student in the best school, than to be the best student in the worst school.

October 12, 2010

The Lego Phase.

If you've had a son, brother, cousin, or anyone else that fits into the 'male child' category, you probably remember this phase. This phase is simple, or occasionaly complex, blocks were put together into an object of imagination. Wild, ghastly shapes, shadows of things familiar to us that with a generous scoop of imagination relate common objects. Others far-fetched giving glimpses of what their imaginations hold. Yes, this is a good phase. Enjoy it while it's here. Cherish the memories while they last. Yep, even the memory of the pain resulting from stray lego pieces. Go back to the Lego Phase every once in a while. . .(:

It was 10 degrees Outside.

First of all ... it was cold! It was really cold.!

Ok so it was 10 degrees Celsius,
(Americans, yes that's cold for us Southerners. about .. 50 degrees Farenheit?)
(Canadians, yes yes it's not cold at all .. go figure out how to lecture me about getting used to Canadian weather on Sabbath.)
Anyways , that's all beside the point, what isn't however, is the fact that mom tells me to go wash the car. Yes, in 10 degrees temperature! So, I did ... Got dressed, (looked like a lost inuit)
And went out to squirt some icicles onto the car.
When I got to drying the car there was this lady-bug on the roof. :) AWWW!
So I took it inside, because really, it was cold! And the poor 'wiwille laly-bug!!' was probably FREEZING!. Or maybe because I'm just cool like that. (:
So cheers my blog friends! Cheers && props to: Lady-bugs, (&& lady-bug rescuers), Canadian Autumn, && The simple things of life.

October 7, 2010

A Christmas Carol.

Victor's new favorite phrase -

'Bah, Humbug!' Oh my little Scrooge!

'Cuz when you're 9 everything's cool

Victor's 9.
I wish I was nine. Because if I were nine, when dad said we're moving to BC, I would've been like Victor - 'AWESOME!'
And when we were figuring out how we were going to start off, I would be like him. -
'We're going to live in an apartment at first' - 'AWESOME'
'We're going to live in a moblie home' - 'AWESOME'
'We're going to live in a trailer' - 'AWESOME'
'We're going to camp' - 'AWESOME'
'We're going to live out in the streeet!' - 'COOL'

I wish I was nine.
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