March 27, 2011

Day Two: A Photo of Me at Least a Year Ago

This was during Toronto's Cherry Picking Children Event. We went to Niagara Falls and had a lovely sunny day climbing ladders, trees and avidly staining our clothes.

Dad was traveling somewhere, as usual, and mom had taken Victor and I to the outing, and we had plenty of fun.

On our way back, we hitched a ride and I remember the kids making up silly senseless rhymes and singing them. Something about Mr. Fox, and cherries and, of course, bees. Two weeks later I could still sing that song.

Although 2009 was far from perfect, we enjoyed it. I'm glad mommy took us that day. I'm glad we went. Because in a way, that's what life is about. Contentment even under unperfect circumstances.

Niagara Cherries. Yummy!

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