April 13, 2011

Apple + π

EEEEK! I'm so excited.
For about since forever, I've craved pie. You know the "Aunt Something-or-Other" pie's that everyone craves on the holidays, or Sunday dinners, or just every time she's mentioned? Well I had no idea what they tasted like. And I wanted to know!.
So, I made one (:
Actually I made two pies this week. One was a oreo crust + pudding filling. It was the most major flop in all of pie-making-disastrous-flops history! So bad that I threw out the crust, and the filling became icecream (: (Don't ask.)
But I was quite sure I knew how to make pie. I could SO do it. I would prove it. And I did. Sort of. And it's vanishing quite rapidly with the icecream from the flop pie! (:  Yum if I dare say so myself* *Licks fingers*

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