April 3, 2011

Day Nine: A Photo of Me When I Was a Baby

Yes, I was positively chubby. (emphasis on the was). It runs in the family is my excuse. hehe. Anyways, Victor has a picture in the same position, sorta.. . but it's not here in Abby, still in our stuff back in Toronto. .(oh the joys of moving!) so I just posted a picture of him as a baby instead. It was his dedication @ the Campinas church in 2001. I was seven years old, and not enjoying being stuck in a dress. Second photo, of me *---* As a baby. I could never sleep any other way other than on my side. Still do, and guess I always will. Seriously? The camera qualities in the ninties was precious wasn't it? So precious that I have no trouble not missing it. Lol. Do you miss the nineties? What from it do you miss, and what do you NOT miss. (Me? I can honestly say I don't miss the puffed up ridiculous dresses I had to wear growing up. Y-ouch they hurt the eyes. Took me a while to get over the dress trauma.)

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