April 4, 2011

Day Ten: Any Photo I Like For Any Reason:

1st Photo: Sibbald/Summer '10. I'm almost sure I know why I like this picture, but not fully positive. I think it's because I can almost feel the summer sun heavy on my eyelids. Blinding me until the camera was one black blob in front of me. There's a yellow-y haze that when I edited disappeared, (Thank Heavens for the undo button.) because that was, I think, the best part of this picture (: It was a lazy (no I mean really lazy) summer afternoon. I wantedto do nothing! I simply wanted to sit in one of those camping chairs that oh-so-aid bad posture habit, on the dock and watch the world pass by. But as life has it, mother, didn't want to just sit around. "Let's go for a walk." she said, (oh how I dread those words sometimes.) So we went out where the "rocky fingers" meddling into the lake were situated. And if you gilmpse into my favorite photos of 2010, many of them will be from that walk. And this is one of them.

Here's another picture I like, 2nd Photo: taken in early spring in Orangeville, 2010. Please click on the link at the top "Through the Camera" to see these pictures and other selections from my photography.

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