April 15, 2011

Day Twenty: A Photo of Something I Ate Today

Every time someone would sleepover at our house, mom made waffles. Vegans and non-vegans enjoyed it, fussy eaters gobbled it and it was easy to make a big batch so that the not-so-fussy eaters would get their fill. Victor's friends, my slumberparty group, short or long termed visitors, everyone of 'em's probably tried my mother's waffles.
We had spent about 5 months without eating waffles because we'd been traveling (waffles aren't exactly all the rage in Brazil.), and our waffle maker was in Toronto. Last week though it arrived along with other boxes of stuff, and Victor begged mommy to make him some waffles. She did, and boy were they yummy.
That was what we had for breakfast today. Drenched in syrup of course. (We do live in Canada you know.)

What's your favorite waffle topping?

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