May 14, 2011

May 8th on May 1st

On the Sunday May 1st mother awoke with the purpose of getting a photoshoot. She had been driving through Abbotsford and seen tulip rows planted in the library/gallery parking lot.
She. wanted. pictures. there!
"Pretend it's Mother's Day!" She said to a grumbling Victor who's quite tired of Tulip escapades.
It was her Mother's Day in a way, because Daddy was traveling on May 8th. And although Mother's Day is for mothers and their children it's not the same without their other half.
On May 7th, after sunset (8:32 p.m.) I decided to make muffins so they'd be ready for breakfast in the morning. I went to bed at around 1:00 a.m. and unfortunately. .. my muffins were quite the fail. Apparently frozen strawberries should never  (Have I highlighted that word enough?) be substituted for fresh strawberries. Anyways, we had over moist muffins for breakfast warm tea and then.. . we went back to sleep. We had a lazy Sunday on May 8th. Wondering where daddy was, what he was doing, and hoping time would fly past.
I was hoping to make muffins this week and post the pictures of muffins to prove that I could make muffins just as I did with the cupcakes. But I didn't get the chance. (Hence the lateness of the post) So here are pictures instead, of the tulip photo shoot:

Isn't she beautiful?!

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