Our Story.

Once upon a time.. .

In a far far away land named Brazil...

there lived a boy. This boy was to attend his big brother's wedding in the city.
In that far away land named Brazil, there also lived a girl. This girl was to accompany her sister to her sister's friend's wedding. The girl really didn't want to go, but her sister begged and begged (for their father wouldn't let her go alone).So the girl finally reluctantly gave in. She was quiet and didn't mingle in all the groups as her sister did. But she did however, end up sitting next to the boy at the reception.

They met.

 But the night eventually ended as nights eventually do, and each went home. The boy to his home with his parents. The girl to her home with her excited sister. But the girl stuck in the boy's memory and a few days after arriving home he wrote to her. He didn't have her address, so instead he wrote to their church in her city.

And so.. . it began.

 They wrote to each other without interruptions for 8 months before the boy asked the girl to be his girlfriend. He was 17 and she 16, both were canvassing and life in the 80's proceeded. Their correspondence continued, the boy became a canvassing leader, and the girl ultimately finished her canvassing term.

 A total of two years and three months after his brother's wedding, the boy wrote proposing to the girl. As soon as he mailed the letter his heart skidded to a stop and a desperate desire to retract the letter overcame him. What if she said no?

 But she didn't. She said yes, and seven days after his 20th birthday, the boy and girl were married. Shortly after, he became a Bible worker.

 Almost five years later, she found out she was to receive a little package. Soon the boy and girl, would be parents. A month early, they received in the Brazilian spring, on the 23rd of November, a little pink package.They named her Larissa. Meaning happiness. When the little pink package turned two years old, her daddy was ordained a Pastor.

 Time flew by and after seven moves since their wedding, the most drastic move occurred. The girl and the boy were to leave their family behind. Were to seperate from their close friends, and move to another continent as missionaries. In the year 2000, the century begun and with it a new chapter for the Tenorio family. They moved to Dallas, Texas, USA. God had sent them there, and there their life continued with trials, but with plenty of blessings to outweigh them.

 One of which was the discovery another package was on the way. And in the American spring, on the 23rd of May, a little blue package arrived. They named him Victor for by God's grace he will be victorious. When the little blue package turned two years old, his daddy was ordained a Minister.

 Time flew by once more, and after five years and four moves, the increased family was to move once more.This time, further North. In the summer of 2005 the Tenorio family arrived in Toronto, Canada. There they established a record of longest time living in one place. A total of five years and a few months passed with many trips but no moves.

 Yet, in 2010 things changed again. This time North was not the direction they went, but West. From Ontario to British Columbia they went.

And here. .. is where you pick up their story!
- Larissa. ~*
(The little pink package. .. :)

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  1. Larissa, you really have the talent. You manage to make a cute story from our lives.

  2. Aloha Larissa. Are you saying you are only 17 right now? Because if you are, you are so mature and write beautifully. I was not even half the girl (or writer) you are at your age. You are so talented...

    1. Tania! Yeppers.. .I was seventeen. hehe.. my how time flies! It's been almost a year already! Why haven't I responded to these comments sooner?! .. Anyways, thank you so very much for the compliments.. (:

  3. Lovely story!

  4. What a lovely and sweet story. I am so glad to have gotten the chance to drop by your blog via the Great Blog Train Hop. My name is Kelly. Your parents sound so dear and romantic. You captures their story and your story so beautifully. I cannot wait to learn more. I do have to ask though. I am not familiar with the word colpourting. Can you tell me what it means?

    Blessings from Arizona.

    PS I'm a new follower of yours via GFC :)

    Kelly at http://heresmytakeonit.blogspot.com/

    1. I'm glad you came by and so happy you followed! :D

      Colpourting is like canvassing... I probably should change that to canvassing..
      Canvassing is when we go door to door speaking to people. Some churches offer Bible studies or what not, we try to sell books on health and lifestyle. So many people out there today suffer from discomfort and disease that would vanish with simple tweaks to diet and lifestyle! We believe it's important to give attention, not only to a person's spiritual life, but also to their physical health and happiness! So what my parents would do was go door-to-door selling these books with several health tips, tricks and remedies. (:

  5. holla! we're both t-dot ex-pats!!

  6. Such a cute story - congratulations to you and may your family stay blessed always!

  7. I love stories about how couples meet and come together! I think it's especially adorable (and cool) that your husband wrote to the local church to reach you.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thanks April! This is actually my parent's story.. but I'm glad you enjoyed. :)

  8. oh wow that is such an amazing story! That's so cool that your parents came from Brazil! My dad actually grew up there because his family where missionaries there!!!! I just found your blog and it's just wonderful =) I am now one of your followers!!!

  9. What a nice story, Larissa! Enjoy your writing.


  10. Sweetest way to tell a life story!

  11. Sweetest way to tell a life story!


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