June 23, 2011

Life in a Box [2]

In January I posted a bit about our move, the boxes, the pandemonium, past moves, and everything...
As some of you may know, our boxes &&..."stuff", stayed in Toronto to be shipped over bit by bit. Eventually though, daddy decided to simply ship everything over. The company took longer than usual but finally, on Monday, the "stuff" arrived! Our basement was overflowing with boxes, bikes, furniture..and everything we hoarded for the past five years. As I've said before, Toronto was our record of staying five years in one place and boy did we bring a lot of things! As Crystal said "Y'all sure are pack rats!"
Sort of.
It's Thursday and we still haven't found places for everything yet. The basement is beginning to take shape though. (If you don't count the box corners sticking out in the most random places.)

The guys were so friendly and funny, and taught me to play Bingo! Well, moving delivery checklist bingo anyway.
Mommy made them some pineapple juice, (which he wanted "spiked" lol). 
So many things! Where...do....we....stash....them?!

We'll figure it out....eventually!
Anyways, it's great to finally have all our belongings and pieces with us after so long!

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