June 20, 2011


Someone once commented on us, "You guys get along pretty well don't you?"
I kind of stared blankly. I don't think about things I've never thought before. (..Um Duh!) I had never thought of any other way to get along with a mother. She's my mom! Of Course we get along well!
I now realize not everyone gets along with their mothers, but that's because their mothers aren't like you.
Someone also once said that mother is a verb not a noun, they're right.
You are so much, Mommy. You're a mother of two, a housekeeper, teacher, nurse, cook, but most importantly, my friend, my companion, my example and mentor.
I'll always cherish our jokes, our songs, the looks we give each other that mean paragraphs of words when we can't say anything out loud.
Many times you have to be both father and mother to us. You're never down, always up, and bringing others up with you. You believe in us, trust us and push us to be a better version of ourselves.
Mommy, you've made sacrifices, they haven't gone by unnoticed. Thank you. for everything! Happy Mother's Day, because everyday, ought to be Mother's day!

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