July 24, 2011

Berry Picking.

This morning the alarm blared at 6:00. Today, we went berry picking. Blueberry picking to be more exact!
Just for the experience, and because mother insists we get out of the house and soak in the sunshine that has been good enough to bless us this week.
When we arrived at the farm the morning breeze was still chilly and the dew felt like ice crystals on our finger tips and toes as we picked the berries one by one and our feet became soaked. But while the images of purple-blue berries were being grafted into our minds, the sun rose up high above our heads, the dew evaporated, and time to leave rolled around.

Yumm...(If you like blueberries..) I don't but I do admit they're pretty!

He had soooooo much fun...(the first five minutes...)
Lol, but it was a great experience, we had fun, and we're loaded up on Vitamin D!

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