July 5, 2011

La Loma.

Every Sabbath after Sabbath School and our Bible Studies, we go down the "loma". I should say, they, go down the loma. I have come to the startling conclusion that I'm allergic to walking when I don't feel like it. No I'm serious! You just don't believe me because you haven't seen me break out into hives and desperately need an epi-pen after being dragged for walks! The same thing happens when I eat onions. But that's another post.
Any how, as far as I knew, loma was the Spanish word for hill, but according to Dictionary.com, Loma is also used in English .
 So last night Crystal and I decided we needed to go for a walk, so we laced up our courage-boots, and left. Then we ran back because I had forgotten my camera.
 Saudade, as I have come to call the snow-capped mountain peak that silently stares at all of us from behind the clouds, was peering yesterday, and I had to capture a few shots of the rays tucking her in for the night.

The loma, we were halfway up, with lots more ground to cover. Do excuse the graininess of the photos, but I didn't feel that simply enlargening the picture would make you appreciate how laaawwnng and steep this "loma" is. So I had to x-tra enlarge it. Just so you can see why I'm allergic to it.
Unobtrusive roadside beauty. So small and rarely appreciated, yet so special and perfect!
Mt. Saudade!

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