July 30, 2011


So this summer I decided I wanted, 1. A job 2. To advance my swimming skills. So, why not combine both?
How? By passing my NLS (National Lifeguard Service), and WSI (Water Safety Instructor) in other words, become a swim coach. This week, one of the worst, yet best, of my life went by sometimes agonizingly slow and at other times way. too. fast! I was warned on all the other pre-requisite courses that this one was the one to be worried about. That NLS is one of the tests that separates those who want and can, from those who simply want and wish. So I reviewed my material from previous courses, googled more info, practised my standards, spoke with other people who had passed their NLS courses (after three attempts) and (mostly) listened their advice (be confident, you'll do well because you've practised, don't worry about it), prayed, signed up and showed up for one week of intensive training.
The sims were fun, mostly, until up to Friday, Friday brought tears of frustration, tears of anger and panic, and finally tears of joy. Last week was perhaps one of the most stressful weeks of my life. Yet, I'll always remember it fondly because, I passed! On the first try! And I couldn't be happier and thankful! The other eight people doing the course with me I shall never ever forget, nor our instructor Veronica from LIT.
Over all it was a great week, I'm so glad I did it, and thankful to God for helping me pass!

LifeGuard on Duty Flag.

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