August 2, 2011

Colombian Bocadillos.

I shall be posting three new posts this week from Daddy's trips.
First up: Colombia!
Daddy was invited to fly down to Colombia one more time last month for a youth convention. (No Duh! I know, I know, I'll stop stating the obvious eventually.)
As always, he came back with stories to tell and testimonies to share. Approximately two-hundred people showed up for the meetings, many of them non-members, and after Daddy's sermon on Sabbath, he had the opportunity to make an appeal. As appeals had already been made the previous nights, he decided to change things around. He invited not all young people to come forward, but he made a special appeal to those who had been touched and decided to prepare themselves for the next baptism. Approximately fifty young people came forward and are presently receiving Bible studies and preparing themselves to become part of our church family. Let's keep them in our prayers!
When Daddy goes on his trips, he usually brings back something. (Tarsier for example.)
From Colombia, Daddy brought back bocadillos for us to try! Apparently in Spain that's the name of a sandwich, but in Colombia, it's a dessert. Wrapped in plastic casing or corn husks it's a sweet candy made with guava paste! It was yummy!

Eventually, I did find my dad.

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