August 8, 2011

Marco Zero.

Last, but definitely not least, Daddy flew further South from DR to Brazil. Macapá to be more exact.
 Interesting fact about Macapá, the Amazon River flows through it. Our family has never seen the Amazon River, better, had never seen the Amazon. Daddy, had the privilege of viewing it for a brief afternoon last month when in Macapá for the youth conventions being held there. The youth convention was, according to Daddy, "beautiful, a blessing, and exciting. I was told the temperatures there were going to be very hot, but when I arrived I found the brethren's fervor burning and their welcome warm."
Marco Zero is also located in Macapá. What is that?! The title of today's post is the location in Brazil where the equator encircles. Tourists from all over, flock there to experience being in two hemispheres at once. And then, on each vernal and autumnal equinox, a biannual wonder occurs. The sun shines just so that its primary rays gleam straight over the equator, and straight through Marco Zero. The outing planned for the weekend of the conference was to Marco Zero and Daddy got to experience being in both the Southern and Northern Hemisphere at the same that's where Landon Carter got his idea to fulfill Jamie's dream of being in two places at once...But anyways..Pictures:

Marco Zero.

From Left to Right:  Very nice brother that Daddy is trying to remember his name, Bro. Marcos Vagner, Bro. Mario Alvarado, Bro. Eli Tenorio, Bro. Mateus Souza.

Apparently it was raining in both hemispheres.

At the Amazon River. Daddy said it is really really beautiful.

Part of the group that went on the outing.
Well folks. This is it. Other than Romania next week, this trip completes this four year term Daddy has been Youth Department for the GC. If I'm anxious about the future? Perhaps. But life, bring it! We'll take it. By the grace of God, whatever comes, we'll take it!

P.S. I'll see if I can squeeze a few more posts this week, before we leave! 'Till then, Ta-ta for now!

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