November 10, 2011

Lessons Learned from Building Blocks.

 What happens when you build a tower out of wooden building blocks, but you build it on pieces too small to hold up the high tower you're planning on making? Other than a very frustrated builder, you get this:

10 Lessons learned from building blocks:
1. The higher you want to get, the firmer your foundations need to be.
2. But the highest, isn't always the most impressive.
3. You'll fall apart often.
4. But in order to get somewhere you've got to pick up the pieces and start again.
5. Big things are often made up of little things so,
6. Don't ignore the little things in life because they might end up being the ones carrying the most weight.
7. Patience.Patience.Patience. (or superglue)
8. Things glued together with superglue will remain glued together. (even your fingers)
9. If you don't build your tower out of colorful blocks, you'll get a very monotonous one.
10. Sometimes your tower will break after being completed. Sometimes it won't. The important thing is to keep building, keep improving, keep going as best you can.

P.S. Tomorrow is 11/11/11 don't forget to set your watches to 11:11!

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