November 3, 2011

Rails. Tracks. Fall.

We did it again this Thursday morning. We dropped everything and went out. Victor wanted to take his traxxas for a spin again, and I wanted to capture a few fall photos on the train tracks.
About a year ago, we were in Virginia for the GC council session, and every night we were there I heard the train speed by a few miles away and blare its lonely sounding horn. I liked it.
Almost a year ago, we moved to Abbotsford and just a few blocks away, a train passes every night and I hear it speed by and blare its lonely sounding horn. I like it.
This fall the trees around the train tracks have packed their leaves and are sending them to cover the ground few by few. It looks so pretty.
                                                        Frost's already leaving his footprints.

Their work here's done, they've accessorized their wearers for a season's time. They've seen summer months pass by and have provided shade for the weary. They've whispered secrets to each other, they've danced with the wind, they've matured. And now, the leaves pack up and leave us. Before exiting, however, they turn hues and for one last time adorn the trees with the climax of their beauty. Leaves know that it's the ending, the finale, the finish, that people remember.

                                          Street art? Or vandalism? Depends on who you ask.

                                                             Silly. Because it's Movember!!

I hope everyone's enjoying their autumn. I hope everyone's taking a few moments to enjoy, to be silly, to breathe deeply and to notice details. You might think you can't afford to "lose" a precious five minutes. But, how can you afford not to? Go outside today. Inhale. Listen. Exhale. and Smile.

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