November 16, 2011

What It's Like When.

There is a saying in Portuguese that when it's raining with sunshine Spaniards are getting married (It rhymes in Portuguese and I assume that's the only reason that saying exist...but who knows). The point is, I grew up hearing that saying, but had never really seen it raining..while the sun was out. Every time it rains here in Abbotsford (yes, quite frequently) it is cloudy. But this month it rained....and the sun was out!
For those of you, who like me had never seen that happen before, here's what it's like:

This morning Mom and I were going through a bit of clothing doing our closet Fall Cleaning if you will, when she pointed out the window and told me to look. I squealed (scared Victor half to death and back), jumped up to get the camera, and forgot my jacket.
Earlier this week I was speaking with my cousin, who lives in Brazil and has never seen snow. He was wondering what it's like to see snow, what it's like when it snows. So here's what the first snow of Fall 2011 looked like here in Abby:

 Has it snowed where you are yet?

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