January 31, 2011

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January 30, 2011

Life in a Box

Location - Denver, Colorado.
Year- 2000
When I was 5 years old, Mommy was 29, and Daddy had just turned 30, and Victor a mere hypothesis. We were on our way to Dallas, Texas, and were going to spend a few months in Denver. It was our first too-far-to-come-over-every-month move, one of three (so far). From what I remember, we were using the children's Sabbath school room as a bedroom, and sleeping on an air mattress that would sometimes wake my parents up in the middle of the night with their back on the floor. One of those childhood memories that never ereases from my mental memory trunk is in that room.
I remember turning over to my mother on the first night as an alien in the U.S., crying and reality finally sinking into my little mind, I ask and tell her, ''When are we going home? This isn't were we belong!'' With a shaky voice my mother whispers to me, ''We don't belong anywhere on this earth, we belong in Heaven. Sleep now.'' This year, we've made another move. It hasn't been easy, but now I can understand the truth of her words. We don't belong in Brazil, Toronto, or even here in British Columbia. I don't belong here, therefore I don't have to worry about fitting in. And neither should you. Because no matter how hard you try, you'll never belong here on earth. You belong in a place much different than any place you've ever lived in or visited. A place where you're neighbours will be you're family, you're neighbourhood the safest, and you're country the brightest. I don't belong here. I'm just passin' through. I hope you are too.

Mr. Vicente Floriano Ribeiro

 It was a May Saturday afternoon in 2010, and I had just met Esther and Anna Devai in Sacramento. Anna and I were talking over lunch when she started talking about Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. (All who know Anna know it's one of her favorite topics)

 'You do know Fred Astaire, right?' she asks me confident in my knowledge. 'No?' I say without so much as a clue to whom she is referring to. She gasps. And that is how I was introduced to the wonderful Vintage Era. Ever since then I have been trying to extend my possessions of Vintage doodads.  Hymnals, speech books, records, etc.

 But my favorite possession isn't a doodad, or object, but reality. Literature and other material possession dating to the 1930's can all be taken away from me at any moment. But my favorite Vintage relic, is something or rather someone, that can't be taken away from my history or past. Ever.

 My great-grandfather. Mr. Vicente Floriano Ribeiro.

 Born in 1915 my great-grandfather was in his teens when the 30's came around. Going on 97 years of age this November, my great-grandfather can still read without his glasses, loves having his picture taken, and warmly tolerates his great-grandchildren. My great-grandfather, although not a sharer of my faith, is someone I admire. He's been through a lot, including 2 World Wars, but that's only made him stronger.

 We visited him again last year, and when we arrived he was in his wheel chair reading a book with just the sunlight pouring in from the patched porch roof. He gets up, hugs us, and walks over to his walker, and asks us how we're doing.

 My great-grandfather, Vicente Floriano Ribeiro, was a strong man in his youth, is a strong reality today, and forever will be a strong memory of my childhood. I know I'm lucky and blessed to have all four of my grandparents alive and well, and extraordinarily blessed to have one living great-grandfather. I know this. And don't ever plan to take it for granted. Although I can't spend as much time with them as I want to, I try to make every moment of our company together count. If you have great-grandparents, grandparents, and especially parents, don't take them for granted! No matter what! Because someday, when they're not available anymore, then it might be to late to remind them how special they are. xxoo~'*

(Photo 1. - A wooden bench Great-grandfather made a few years back. Photo 2. - Great Grandfather && Grandmother in the Good Ol' Days)


Our family enjoys going to Brazil for various reasons, family, church activities, weather, and of course, food. Fruits especially. Tropical fruits!My dad's favorite tropical fruit, -without a shadow of a doubt- is mango. My mother's on the other hand, isn't as clear. But bananas, range up there reeaal close. Banana nanica, banana maca, banana this banana that. You get the picture.
(Speaking of pictures, the one on the top left corner is from grandpa's backyard.)
So it shouldn't have come as a surpise when .. .
Yesterday mom went to Wal-Mart. I couldn't go because of, well the usual, homework. So I asked her to bring me something 'nice and sweet'. Guess what she brought me. (:

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