April 28, 2011

Day Thirty: A Photo I Find Beautiful

Okay, So maybe I've been procrastinating finishing up my 30 day challenge (that took considerably longer.) I think this was the hardest photo for me to find. I've tried as much as possible to keep the pictures in this album, mine and not from Uncle Google. So to find a photo I took, and one that I think is beautiful? Sounds quite contradictory to me. I wish I had this amazing picture that would blow everyone away and say "Wow! That's gorgeous!" But I don't. So I posted one that I consider, cute. Perhaps she think she's bee-autiful. (Sorry, couldn't help it.)

This photo, Dad and I collaborated together to form. He took it, and I edited. Beautiful? Perhaps.


This third photo, I can't explain why I like it. I can't explain alot of things. I named this photo (I hardly ever name pictures). But this one I couldn't help it.

This wraps up my 30 Day Challenge, I hope you enjoyed. Keep coming back. This summer has quite a few events planned out for the blog! Thanks y'all!

April 26, 2011

Peek-A-Brew: Props for Creativity

A few weeks ago I made myself a stumbler. (Pretty awesome actually. Netty posted something on facebook and when I checked it out, it sent me to stumbleupon.com ) The internet offers so much "cool stuff", but I had always wished there was a index, or catalogue for it! (One of my pet peeves is when a book doesn't have a index, Argh!). And, stumbleupon is one of my internet indexes of sort. Anyways, after that huuuge introduction, to the picture we go. One of the links I "stumbled upon" was 50 Strange Buildings of the World.

Some of the buildings are really awesome! and others, kind of look fake. But that stayed with me on our trip to Washington this weekend. (Lovely weekend to cross the border! What normally would take us 10 minutes to get to, took us over 3 hours! Easter weekend, why?!)

Enough with the bemoanings, on our little excursions on Sunday and Monday, we passed this quaint little coffee.. . err, pot. (: (I'm assuming they sell cofee.) On our way back home today, I asked Daddy to stop so I could take a picture. And here they are:

April 22, 2011

Day Twenty-Nine: A Photo of My Favorite Person from History

  From my text book: Queen Victoria, why? Not only did she vow at the age of 11 when she found out she was queen, she lived it! She was England's longest reigning monarch (so far), and her romance story with Prince Albert was adorable. (: They were so cute, how she mourned him and how loyal, understanding, and helpful he was to her. I admire her for her wisdom, and patience.

Day Twenty-Eight: A Photo of Something(s) That Make My Day

When the clouds part and I can see the snowy peaks of the mountains,
it makes my day.
When I see the cherry blossoms blossoming even though they're laden with unexpected April snow,
it makes my day.
And when you smile at me, I smile, and it makes my day.

April 21, 2011

Day Twenty-Seven: A Photo of Something I Am Looking Forward To

I do agree with some parts of the "live and appreciate the moment" philosophy, but I can't help anticipating and getting excited about the future too! So I'm anxiously looking forward to 2010 && 2013 (Look closely they're in the picture.) If everything goes according to plan (of course it won't) the next two years will be absolutely HUGE! Can't wait.

:D! Life will be.. . even better . ~*
'Cuz, you see, some things on that list are coming true in 2012 - 2013, God willing they'll come true!

Day Twenty-Six: A Photo of My Favorite Subject in School

My favorite subject in school, is Speech class. It began last semester, unfortunately it's almost done :(
I'm learning things I'd never heard of before, and things that I can put into practise on a daily basis.
Mom (and occasionally Dad) watches these classes with me.
My tests, are speeches/monologues/declamations/etc. and NOT written tests! That's .. . awesome!

A Tongue Twister for you: I saw Susie sitting in a shoe shine shop.
Where she sits she shines, and where she shines she sits.
Now say it out loud 3x and FAST!

Day Twenty Five: A Photo That Inspires Me

A photo of mothers. Mothers inspire me. Self-less, sacrificing, loving, giving, patient, enduring. My mother is a stay at home mom. She's sacrificed all other options, to stay at home with Victor and I to give us a better education. "Mother is verb, not a noun." Mothers have one of the hardest tasks on earth, while others have to answer to their employers, Mothers have to answer to God. Mothers, no matter how different, inspire me.

Photos: Aunt Lidiane, Mommy (=, Grandma, Aunt Marianne.

April 20, 2011

Day Twenty-Four: A Photo of Something I Want to be When I Grow Up

Why a Photo of Me? 'Cuz that's exactly what I want to be. This blog is about my family. Not just about me. So I highly dislike these "days" of this project, so I'll combine what I want to be, with what Victor wants to be. Bare with me y'all we're one week away from finishing this "challenge". So, what do I want to be? Well, in career, I have a wide variety to chose from, but for now I'm settling on Communications Studies. And even there there is a wide variety of branches to chose from! Perhaps that's why I chose it. Because I tend to be quite undecisive. But here's one thing I quite decided on being, and that's:
When I grow up, I want to be me. The girl with the 32 letters in her whole name. Maybe the 'grown-up' version of me, but me all the same. Don't want to act like society wants or expects me to. I will act like me. If I'm in good relationship with my Saviour, what does the rest of the world matter? I'll still be clumsy, and say things I shouldnt have said, and probably will regret later. I'll be a neat-freak and picky. Sure, there's room for improvement, and lots of it, but I'll be a better Larissa. I'll live up to my name and be happy. Yet, I'll still be me. I hope you're always you too!

Now Victor, Victor has much higher aspirations. According to him, he's to be a Chemist. Oh! But he's not going to be one of the nerdy ones. He won't wear glasses and his hair is going to be combed. He'll be smart, and he'll never have to do a writing assignment ever again!! He's been decided to be a chemist for quite some time! I just make sure I never use mom's old wooden spoon again, and stay far away from his "lab corner".
I didn't inhale as I took the first picture of the orange powdery stuff with wierd globs of.. stuff inside. (Just in case thou wast fearing for my safety.)

April 19, 2011

According to my Mother:

According to my mother, the cure for most every eye irritation is fresh apple juice.

You would need an apple, preferably not cold, but any apple will do.
And a teaspoon, cotton balls, and towl.

Wash hands thoroughly.
Cut the apple in half, and with the teaspoon scrape one apple half. With the cotton ball soak up the apple juice.
Lie down (or have the person lie down) and look up towards the ceiling. The towl should be placed behind the neck just in case apple juice trickles down. Squeeze juice into irritated eye, about 1-3 drops. Close eyes and rest with soaked cotton ball on closed eye for at least 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes remove cotton ball. Do not rinse! You may clear away apple or juice with the towl, but not rinse eyes.
After half an hour rinse face.

(These are household remedies only and should not be taken in place of doctor's orders.)

Loothe Doothe 2

Victor's lost another tooth! AND another one's loose already too. His late teeth are all rushing up and out at the same time now.
This time though, the responsibility of teeth extraction goes solely to a cocunut cookie he was eating.
Cookie - Guilty as charged!
"Now my whole tongue can fall out!" He grinned to me. I guess that goes to prove something. He's happy.

April 18, 2011

Day Twenty-three: A Photo of Something I Want To Do Someday

I make lists. Of everything! Of things I need to buy, of things I need to do on Fridays, of posts I need to write, of things I've procrastinated for to long, of things I need to pack..
  So it would only stand to reason, that I'd make a list of things I want to do someday (: And that list, is in this unobrtusive envelope. (Envelope, please don't say onvelope. If it were meant to be said onvelope it would be spelt onvelope.  As you can see, it's not.)

Some people make lists of the good things they want to do for other people, and all of that, because they know that when death is lurking around no material things matter.
But to me, the experiences matter.
So things I want to do, consist of MANY things, (learn to dance, take a dare-dare, etc.)
I wonder, what do you want to do?
P.S.Is it freaky that Jane Austen is peering from behind the Envelope?

Day Twenty-Two: A Photo That I Associate a Good Memory With

Growing tomatoes in the city. (: In Toronto we had our own little tomatoe, lettuce and rocket salad patch during the summer. Kept of course close to our doorway. We made homegrown tomato salad from the tomatoes that the squirrels mercifuly decided to leave for us. Maybe they didn't have a USDA label on them but seriously? that's true organic!

April 17, 2011


I made CupCakes this Sunday. I don't really know why. It's nobody's birthday, nobody really likes eating them here at home, and I had two exams I should've been studying for.
But it's easter and cupcakes are in the air and last week I had attempted making some and I burnt them. It was a disaster, a flop, a fail!! *sniffles*
So, maybe that was the reason. I had to prove to myself that I could make cupcakes if I really tried.

So, tell me. Do y'all think they look the part?
I hope they taste reasonably.
On DPS, I looked up photography tips for photographing food. And one of the tips was having a good background. I don't think the author of that post ever thought that anyone would use a porch-under-construction-site as a background, or else he would've specifically pointed that out as a No-No. But seeing as he didn't, I used the wood and tools as my 'props'. It was beautiful outside today, and seeing as the basement has horrible lighting, I couldn't help using the natural light outside for my CupCake shots.
Comments on the ity-bity cupcakes?
P.S. They're eggless!

April 15, 2011

Loothe Dooth

Victor lost a tooth last month! It's one of the final slowpokes. He yanked it out himself, (after of course several threatenings that I would pull it out if he didn't.)
He's cute with a little "window" as mom calls it. And you even get to see his dimples in this picture (: *envious*

Day Twenty-One: A Photo of Somebody I Find Attractive

I'm changing this to, Something, and that would be being good with children. (NOT using babies and children to spark up conversations etc. Josh Duhamel I'm looking at you. That's very uncool.)
Kids can tell who likes them or not, simple as that, and they pick out those people to love.
They know, and they trust their instincts. It's not very complicated.
P.S. Nathan and Jamie aren't that bad either, just sayin'.

Day Twenty: A Photo of Something I Ate Today

Every time someone would sleepover at our house, mom made waffles. Vegans and non-vegans enjoyed it, fussy eaters gobbled it and it was easy to make a big batch so that the not-so-fussy eaters would get their fill. Victor's friends, my slumberparty group, short or long termed visitors, everyone of 'em's probably tried my mother's waffles.
We had spent about 5 months without eating waffles because we'd been traveling (waffles aren't exactly all the rage in Brazil.), and our waffle maker was in Toronto. Last week though it arrived along with other boxes of stuff, and Victor begged mommy to make him some waffles. She did, and boy were they yummy.
That was what we had for breakfast today. Drenched in syrup of course. (We do live in Canada you know.)

What's your favorite waffle topping?

April 14, 2011

by Herbert Butterfield

I was reading a text from Herbert Butterfield, and this photo came to my mind. How true his words are!

"Those people are right who praise God every morning for the rising of the sun, and who see in this not merely a Providence which operated at the creation of the solar system. . . but evidence of His continuing care, His ever-present activity. It is not meaningless to praise God for the coming of the spring or for bringing us safely through to another day. It is because God is in everything in every detail of life, that people so easily think that they can cancel Him out. The world comes to do its thinking as though He did not exist."

April 13, 2011

Day Nineteen: A Photo of My Favorite Thing From School:

My favorite "thing" from school, is the products of my education. Life without school, might sound like heaven to some people, but to those to whom this is a reality, it is quite horrid!

And since I already bragged about my pie here, {and the cupcakes I just attempted would make any Home Ec teacher cringe}, I will use as an e.g. Victor's origami Frog Fleet. In his art class he learned how to make origami frogs. One of them's named Mr.Cl. Frog. Mrs. Cl. Frog., Silly Eyed, Giant Joe, Roller and more.
If or not you want a paper frog plague at home is quite up to you. But education is far more important than I could ever emphasize. You're reading this, because you were educated. You can write a comment, because of education, and everything you do, is linked one way or another, to education.
Be grateful for it! Don't take it for granted.
And now that you've been OH-so-INSPIRED! let's go do our homework.

Day Eighteen: A Photo of My Town:

Technically speaking, I don't have a town. A few months after I was born, we moved.
And because I haven't a photo of Mogi das Cruzes (where I was born) I decided to post a picture of the town I'm in. Abby. (Abbotsford).
This is what Abby is about. Rain. Rain. And Umbrellas, cute raincoats and rainboots. (For about 3 months then you get tired of all the "cute" rain stuff and just can't stand it any longer.) This "rare" occurence, happened last month. IT FLURRIED!
Ok, yes..so maybe I was procrastinating this post. But may I defend myself? Truth is I believe that no post is better than quality-less post. I was sincerely hoping for a Abbotsford entrance shot, but after some incidents... um .. incidented! I wasn't able to. So, I decided on a photo describing Abby instead. (Hence the umbrella).
This bus picture was taken one night dad and I went out (without a tripod please excuse) to take a few photos, and we managed this shot. Abby busses at night. I enjoyed going out. And we went again, and the results are below. We (dad and I) were taking a walk, it was drizzling (as usual) and when we looked up there was a tree its branches somehow encircling the sphere of light from a street lamp post.
The shot is a bit hazy, but I like it (: It's what Abbotsford looks like when the West world's settling down to sleep.

Apple + π

EEEEK! I'm so excited.
For about since forever, I've craved pie. You know the "Aunt Something-or-Other" pie's that everyone craves on the holidays, or Sunday dinners, or just every time she's mentioned? Well I had no idea what they tasted like. And I wanted to know!.
So, I made one (:
Actually I made two pies this week. One was a oreo crust + pudding filling. It was the most major flop in all of pie-making-disastrous-flops history! So bad that I threw out the crust, and the filling became icecream (: (Don't ask.)
But I was quite sure I knew how to make pie. I could SO do it. I would prove it. And I did. Sort of. And it's vanishing quite rapidly with the icecream from the flop pie! (:  Yum if I dare say so myself* *Licks fingers*

April 12, 2011

Soap Making @ the Library

Mommy took Victor Soap Making @ the FVLibrary. I was happy to indulge in books in the meanwhile. And I was rewarded for going along with a cute little sweet smelling soap. *-*
See the results Above! (:
If you want the "recipe" I can e-mail them to you. Or, you can check out the Soap Queen's melt and pour blog posts! Just beware of the color mixing, Victor said the hearts were supposed to be pink (Yikes!).
They're wonderful blue though, and mom and I are appreciative! :D

ScrapBooking Recipes

In my Family/Consumer Sciences class, I had a end of semester project that had a exam grade. Guess what it was. A recipe book. EASY-Peezy right? I thought so too! I mean, what kind of easy project is that? The teacher herself said it was an easy 10. So I embarked on my recipe hunting, and began my project.
It hasn't been going so well. I decided to make a recipe scrapbook. Kind of start a family tradition of some sort. Putting my mom's tried recipes and my new experiments and our creations together in one lovely binder. Not working. Did you know that scrapbooking is actually ridiculously expensive? So far my recipes are in a folder. (Mom's old choir folder. Quite unpractical.) So yesterday daddy took me out (he had to run some errands) and I went out with a purpose. To find a decent scrapbook to put my recipes in. I had the other option of making a recipe box, but that was not to be considered. Until... I saw the prices. Oh there were some decent scrapbooks all right. But absolutely NO decent prices! And there I stood, in the middle of a department store, with a scrapbook in one hand, cardstocks in the cart, stickers on my mind, and a box in the other hand. Blabbing on and on about the pro's and the con's of scrapbooking, the advantages and disadvantages of a recipe box, and how ridiculous Canadian prices are! In short, daddy came home, without finishing his errands (I ran around to too many different stores, and Victor was late for classes already.), and I came home, with nothing but grief over my state of affairs. What am I to do now?! I was contemplating giving my folder a makeover and  seeing how I like that. (That's what the pictures above are for.) 
Recipe Scrapbooking, easy right? Not.! P.S. I'm open to your creative ideas && suggestions!


According to the dictionary, lists are useful  "series of names or other items written or printed together in a meaningful grouping or sequence so as to constitute a record". Of course it's meaningful! The point of a list, is usually to classify, or, in the case of a grocery list, to REMIND you what you need to buy at the grocery store. Because when you get to the grocery store, there are so many distractions, that you draw a blank and the needs of home are forgotten. That's where the list comes in. Unless of course, you're as cool as I am, and make a list, and leave it. At home.
- Frustrated.

April 11, 2011

Day Seventeen: A Photo From A Trip I'll Never Forget

I did the obvious for once! Our (as a family, dad's been everywhere) one "major faraway" trip is the one I've chosen to post! :0 Finally something predictable, huh? lol
I would LOVE to post pictures of Barra do Una or Curitiba or Yosemeti or the Gulf of Mexico or San Fran, or Rome or Venice etc. but they'll will have to be another post because Pisa stole this one. It was lovely. It was the slowest day in Italy and we LOVED it. I (for one enjoyed that fact that)we had TIME! Which is insubstitutable (beware I use words I'm not sure are in the dictionary).
We spent the morning part of the day at a baptism in Soti and then we headed to Rome, but stopped for a full afternoon in Pisa first. I watched the last goals of Spain against Denmark (last goals of the World Cup in 2010) at a little cafe. I was with some new friends I had made while the fam finished up the Pisa admiration. We were surrounded by screaming Spanish fans painted in red and yellow. I smiled.
Spain won, unfortunately, because I was rooting for Denmark. (It would make Brazil look better at losing for the world cup winner.)
And then we left, back to Rome (saw a Ferrari at the gas station we stopped to refuel) as we were 'kilometring' closer and closer to going home. And I can honestly say, I will NEVER forget Italy, because the Italian sun, is by far my favorite sun!

April 10, 2011

Day Sixteen: A Photo From My Childhood

At Grandmother && Grandfather's chacara in Mogi. I would spend the afternoon running around with my cousins eating blackberries, chasing geese, running away from the neighbour's (Bro. && Sis. Tuleu) german shepherd, and playing with Pluto, my Lab/Dane mutt puppy.. That was my childhood in Brazil. 1994-2000
I spent my time playing after school. In my room, playing, teacher! (My dolls are SO smart!) I played dress up and had a absolute FAVORITE doll. Can you find 'im?

This was my childhood in U.S. of A. 2000-2002

Then my childhood was shared with my favorite present. We had ten acres to play in, and fifteen more from our neighbours in the back (Bauer's) or ten acres of vacant lot from our neighbour on the left (Stark), and the abandoned acres to the right (belonged to the rattlesnakes for all I knew.) Crystal and I played on Mr. Stark's old skeleton of a house, playing with the marble slates and making them into intricate Barbie ballrooms. (Or IndianCowboy treasure) whichever whim we felt like nurturing.

Here was my childhood in the Lone Star State, 2002-2005

There you have it (: My childhood. It was wonderful, and truthfully, it hasn't ended yet. (But that's a secret!)

April 9, 2011

Day Fifteen: A Photo of Me && a Family Member

With Great-grandpa Vincent Floriano Ribeiro  (Don't you just adore his name?!) in January in Sorocaba (: P.S. He's 96!!

This day was really warm, and the 40-some year old house was stuffy and when the kids came back from the store with popsicles, they were all melted already.

They've sold the house now, unfortunately. My mom tells Victor and me stories about visiting her grandparents and as I sat on the couch that January 6, I could just see the ten or more cousins sprawled on the floor in front of the TV. I can't wait 'till great-grandfather's 97th brithday!!

P.S. Since we were born on the same month. .. I believe I shall be living that long too! (:

April 8, 2011

Day Fourteen: A Photo of My Best Friend(s)

These, are those who know me, and still can stand to be around me. Jane, we've been through alot together and apart, and now you've got someone special to hold you close forever. He better. Because he's won over a really special person, and I couldn't be happier for you. I pray for you and wish you all the luck and blessings in the world. I miss you from faraway, and can't wait to see you again. My familia!! I love you all to death! In this photo, Grandma's exclaiming over something falling behind the camera, Matt is putting his "ninja" skills to work, Marlo isn't paying attention and the rest of us are doing the best we can to get into the shot. I set the camera to take a series of pictures, and this photo was the one that didn't become album cover. But I love it because of it's naturality (is that a word?). Everyone's being themselves whether by grinning to much, biting their lips, or gesturing, we're all natural, and that matters. Xen, Natt && I. This day was a day I will never forget!! EVER! I had way to much fun and can't thank you enough, it was the best "going-away weekend splurge" in the story of my life! Thank you all so much! Then of course, my parents, I think y'all know by now who they are, they are my true friends. They liiivveee with me, know all my deepest darkest habits and still love me. Forever grateful am I. God, where would I be without Him?! Where would you be without Him? Everything I am, ever will be and ever was I owe to You. You saved my life. Died in my stead, yes, He's my best friend. YOU! If you are reading my blog, consider yourself one of my very awesomest friends! Thanks for reading (: Hope you enjoy.

April 7, 2011

Day Thirteen: A Photo of ONE of My Favorite Movies

Well, this is the book I'm reading, and having so much fun with it (Mr. Tilney is adorably funny!) that I decided to use this movie for this post. Although I can think of quite a few others that deserve to be here too! (e.g. The Notebook; Emma; Roberta's; How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days; etc.)
 Actors: J.J.Fields ( <3 );Felicity Jones;Carey Mulligan;Mark Dymond

I hated about half of the movie. But it made me laugh, and that is AWESOME.

April 6, 2011


Crystal && I were laughing at something. We were in the kitchen and she was laughing so hard she was on the floor, turning red from laughter. (When she laughs that hard, she doesn't make any sound, just bobs up and down.) Victor wanders in to the kitchen, 'I'm hungry!" He announces non-chalantly. He sees Crystal on the floor, and walks back, "I'm not hungry anymore." he says as he leaves. Crystal turned purple.

Almost let it slip. :0

Told my mom one of my friends (thou knowest who thou art) is really good at using the guilt trip to get her way. She asked me what the guilt trip is. "Hehe, it's a secret, mom."

Day Twelve: A Photo of When I Was Happy

During my childhood. I was happy.

This particular extraction from the past, was taken during one of the many conferences mommy and I accompanied daddy on, (yeah, he's been traveling around since before I was born.. .). In this  picture, Miller and I were up to something, what I don't remember, but with a girl that was quite the brat, and a boy who managed to break his arm, I suspect it wasn't anything quite "saintly."

Apparently I wasn't exactly angelic as a child (pshh, from what I remember I was the Mother Theresa during childhood, which of course only improved with age.) But according to my mother, it was quite the contrary.

I still miss my mickey mouse dress. About the only dress I could stand to be in!
Brazil 1998, thou wast wondergful! (the g was not a typo. but rather to enhance the word ;p)

April 5, 2011

Day Eleven: A Photo of a Night I Loved

So, in case you haven't noticed, I have a little problem on picking pictures to post, and this one was a horrible challenge! There have been so many memorable nights with so many different friends and people and family! (not that family aren't friends or friends aren't people but.. you get the idea....) Top picture is from my birthday in 2009 (: I LOVE those ballooons!!! Pocos de Caldas 2009, I'm so glad you happened.
Bottom pictures are extracts from the same night. It was this Christmas at granddad's house. We had so much of the medicine "laughing" that night, that it was for sure quite unhealthy! Aunt Luci shows that in the first picture, and I couldn't resist not posting Gui's disgusted face. Thus, you have two pictures of Christmas in Brazil, 2010. I miss these nights, and can't wait for future repeats! :D ~*

April 4, 2011

Day Ten: Any Photo I Like For Any Reason:

1st Photo: Sibbald/Summer '10. I'm almost sure I know why I like this picture, but not fully positive. I think it's because I can almost feel the summer sun heavy on my eyelids. Blinding me until the camera was one black blob in front of me. There's a yellow-y haze that when I edited disappeared, (Thank Heavens for the undo button.) because that was, I think, the best part of this picture (: It was a lazy (no I mean really lazy) summer afternoon. I wantedto do nothing! I simply wanted to sit in one of those camping chairs that oh-so-aid bad posture habit, on the dock and watch the world pass by. But as life has it, mother, didn't want to just sit around. "Let's go for a walk." she said, (oh how I dread those words sometimes.) So we went out where the "rocky fingers" meddling into the lake were situated. And if you gilmpse into my favorite photos of 2010, many of them will be from that walk. And this is one of them.

Here's another picture I like, 2nd Photo: taken in early spring in Orangeville, 2010. Please click on the link at the top "Through the Camera" to see these pictures and other selections from my photography.

April 3, 2011

Day Nine: A Photo of Me When I Was a Baby

Yes, I was positively chubby. (emphasis on the was). It runs in the family is my excuse. hehe. Anyways, Victor has a picture in the same position, sorta.. . but it's not here in Abby, still in our stuff back in Toronto. .(oh the joys of moving!) so I just posted a picture of him as a baby instead. It was his dedication @ the Campinas church in 2001. I was seven years old, and not enjoying being stuck in a dress. Second photo, of me *---* As a baby. I could never sleep any other way other than on my side. Still do, and guess I always will. Seriously? The camera qualities in the ninties was precious wasn't it? So precious that I have no trouble not missing it. Lol. Do you miss the nineties? What from it do you miss, and what do you NOT miss. (Me? I can honestly say I don't miss the puffed up ridiculous dresses I had to wear growing up. Y-ouch they hurt the eyes. Took me a while to get over the dress trauma.)

April 2, 2011

Day Eight: A Photo of Something I Enjoy Doing

Book. (Rather Reading.) E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.! (Ok, perhaps not college or GED text books.) But I have read a dictionary, a marriage counseling book, fiction, non-fiction, Uriah Smith, and billboards, nutrition labels, and those annoying tags that for some reason they stick on the side of your shirt instead of the back. (Go figure.)

And then photography (: I like it, it's one of my hobbies.. .sure it's a way to express yourself, your point of view

and all that stuff, but also it's fun! I get to experiment and I get to push myself to get better results. ('' And then of course there's the fun part of editing!!

What do you enjoy doing?
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