May 27, 2011

According to Statistics

According to statistics, and fancy studies in fancy Universities...Women, speak more than men. (I know, anyone could've told them that.) In fact, we speak an average of twice the amount men speak.
Men (according to statistics and fancy studies) speak an average of 1,500 words per day. Women (according to statistics and fancy studies) speak an average of 3,000 words per day.
If you know me, you know I speak a tad bit more than that hence their calculations being "on average".

In one convention, a man was speaking on this topic when a woman in the audience stood up and said,

"Of course women speak twice as men; we have to repeat everything in order for men to understand!"

"What? do you mean?" asked the orator.


Porque a mulher fala muito?

Uma pesquisa realizada nos Estados Unidos mostrou que os homens
usam em media 1.500 palavras por dia, enquanto as mulheres usam,
no mínimo, 3.000 (O DOBRO).

Num congresso, quando o estudo foi apresentado, uma mulher
se levantou e disse:
- Lógico que as mulheres falam o dobro que os homens: nós temos
que repetir tudo o que dizemos para que os homens entendam!

E o orador perguntou:

- Como assim...?

May 20, 2011

Thanks to Herman Parish

I was eight. And I was laughing. No, more like disintegrating into giggles in the back seat of our green Honda Civic. Mom turned with an amused smile on her face.
I'd re-read to them the passage that had made me erupt into laughter. Mom and dad would smile to each other or occasionally chuckle.
Really, it's wasn't that funny. For adults anyway. Most grown ups would call it silliness.
But I call it delightful!
The Amelia Bedelia series. Herman Parish wrote these series and as I was browsing the children's section for a story for my monologue this month, (I highly recommend checking out children books from the library, some of them are quite an amazing piece of art!!) I stumbled upon the series again. I checked out 3. They're thin, easy and nonsense.
Although they don't make me erupt into disintegrating giggles anymore. They do bring occasional smiles and chuckles. And floods of memories. Good ones.
Thank you Mr. Herman Parish, for enriching my childhood with silly hilariousness that every child needs in order to have a full and memorable childhood.


Victor's Birthday is this Monday.
I'm out of ideas of what to try to bake or make for his birthday.
The cupcakes I made he didn't eat, and the ones he did eat were with the icing scraped off. Trust me, when I posted on Facebook"Trying to plan a picnic for Victor's Birthday. .. This is difficult. A picnic already limits your food choices.. and for a picky Boy like my brother?!" I wasn't kidding about the picky part.
We're planning on a picnic for Monday. . but that is of course if the sun decides to allow us. So far the weather network says it's a no-go. Rain all next week. (WHY!!!) (Remind me to do a thankful post on why rain is beneficial and that we should be grateful for it.)
Anyways, I was looking up picnic ideas on foodgawker when a tea cake emerged, and that became coffee cake, and soon I was looking up crumb cake recipes.
So, I tried Tracy's New York-Style Crumb Cake (with only slight modifications of course.) It felt wonderful to bake it. Smelled delicious! And looks just about right. Now the important part. Does it past the taste test?
Well, the crumb topping does. As the recipe says there will be alot of topping. And after pouring on a thick layer, I left the rest out. (I was scared, my current experiences with baking should sufice as an answer to why.) However, I backed the topping in a seprate dish and as soon as that was done and cooling, Victor's fingers where somehow on them. He took the tray into the living room with him, and licked off half the dish.
I just hope the rest of the cakes vanishes that quick! (:


It's FINALLY Spring here in our part of B.C.!
The sun is splashing a few days with its rays every once in a while. Adding it's yellow touch to our otherwise dull and grey calandars. It's been beautiful!
With the sun come the flowers. . .and! animals! One more than one occasion we've spotted deer, rabbits, squirrels and this week I awoke with the wonderful song of song birds. (And then I went right back to sleep because it was still five in the morning.)
In "our" backyard in Toronto, there was a little bunny that would hop out into the clearing ever so often. Mother named him Bob. Victor and I refuse. 'C'mon Mom... . a Rabbit named Bob?' We dubbed him Thumper. (Yes after the Bambi bunny.)
 This week mommy called Victor and I to the window. A rabbit sat there his cute little nose twitching.
"Awwww!!! It's Thumper-Bob!" Victor and I crooned.
"Bob-Thumper" Mommy corrected.
I took out the camera and managed a few shots before Thumper-Bob or Bob-Thumper (poor little guy) sprang away.

This little black baby came up to the porch to sunbathe. He stayed there for quite a while. He's so little!! When he walked away he was having some trouble with his paws. In somewhat of a hop-slip-run-scramble hop-slip-run-scramble pattern. We're hoping it's because he's so young, and is still to grasp the art of hopping around gracefully.

Isn't he so cute?!!

May 17, 2011

Link-a-Link & BlogRoll.

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May 14, 2011

May 8th on May 1st

On the Sunday May 1st mother awoke with the purpose of getting a photoshoot. She had been driving through Abbotsford and seen tulip rows planted in the library/gallery parking lot.
She. wanted. pictures. there!
"Pretend it's Mother's Day!" She said to a grumbling Victor who's quite tired of Tulip escapades.
It was her Mother's Day in a way, because Daddy was traveling on May 8th. And although Mother's Day is for mothers and their children it's not the same without their other half.
On May 7th, after sunset (8:32 p.m.) I decided to make muffins so they'd be ready for breakfast in the morning. I went to bed at around 1:00 a.m. and unfortunately. .. my muffins were quite the fail. Apparently frozen strawberries should never  (Have I highlighted that word enough?) be substituted for fresh strawberries. Anyways, we had over moist muffins for breakfast warm tea and then.. . we went back to sleep. We had a lazy Sunday on May 8th. Wondering where daddy was, what he was doing, and hoping time would fly past.
I was hoping to make muffins this week and post the pictures of muffins to prove that I could make muffins just as I did with the cupcakes. But I didn't get the chance. (Hence the lateness of the post) So here are pictures instead, of the tulip photo shoot:

Isn't she beautiful?!


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Our Story.

Once upon a time.. .

In a far far away land named Brazil...

there lived a boy. This boy was to attend his big brother's wedding in the city.
In that far away land named Brazil, there also lived a girl. This girl was to accompany her sister to her sister's friend's wedding. The girl really didn't want to go, but her sister begged and begged (for their father wouldn't let her go alone).So the girl finally reluctantly gave in. She was quiet and didn't mingle in all the groups as her sister did. But she did however, end up sitting next to the boy at the reception.

They met.

 But the night eventually ended as nights eventually do, and each went home. The boy to his home with his parents. The girl to her home with her excited sister. But the girl stuck in the boy's memory and a few days after arriving home he wrote to her. He didn't have her address, so instead he wrote to their church in her city.

And so.. . it began.

 They wrote to each other without interruptions for 8 months before the boy asked the girl to be his girlfriend. He was 17 and she 16, both were canvassing and life in the 80's proceeded. Their correspondence continued, the boy became a canvassing leader, and the girl ultimately finished her canvassing term.

 A total of two years and three months after his brother's wedding, the boy wrote proposing to the girl. As soon as he mailed the letter his heart skidded to a stop and a desperate desire to retract the letter overcame him. What if she said no?

 But she didn't. She said yes, and seven days after his 20th birthday, the boy and girl were married. Shortly after, he became a Bible worker.

 Almost five years later, she found out she was to receive a little package. Soon the boy and girl, would be parents. A month early, they received in the Brazilian spring, on the 23rd of November, a little pink package.They named her Larissa. Meaning happiness. When the little pink package turned two years old, her daddy was ordained a Pastor.

 Time flew by and after seven moves since their wedding, the most drastic move occurred. The girl and the boy were to leave their family behind. Were to seperate from their close friends, and move to another continent as missionaries. In the year 2000, the century begun and with it a new chapter for the Tenorio family. They moved to Dallas, Texas, USA. God had sent them there, and there their life continued with trials, but with plenty of blessings to outweigh them.

 One of which was the discovery another package was on the way. And in the American spring, on the 23rd of May, a little blue package arrived. They named him Victor for by God's grace he will be victorious. When the little blue package turned two years old, his daddy was ordained a Minister.

 Time flew by once more, and after five years and four moves, the increased family was to move once more.This time, further North. In the summer of 2005 the Tenorio family arrived in Toronto, Canada. There they established a record of longest time living in one place. A total of five years and a few months passed with many trips but no moves.

 Yet, in 2010 things changed again. This time North was not the direction they went, but West. From Ontario to British Columbia they went.

And here. .. is where you pick up their story!
- Larissa. ~*
(The little pink package. .. :)

P.S. - Have we been introduced? Click Here for Somewhat of a Formal Introduction. Meet Us!

May 13, 2011


Mother was out, busy shopping. To me was given the task of fishing something up for lunch.
I sighed over my decision labor. What could I make? So, I asked Victor to help relieve my burden.          Weird how simple these things appear to men, how easy they can come up with an answer. He shrugged "Just make normal food."
I arched an eyebrow, "And what is normal food?" (Apparently some of my kitchen creations aren't normal.) "Just rice, and beans is good." I smiled. I should've known.

Photo from a camping trip back East. Open fire grilled veggies. garden tomato salad. and of course open fire cooked rice. rice or beans. they can't be missing no matter where we go. Yumm! Makes me miss summer that much more!

Mas the Swan

This morning, after days of neglecting my duty as family blogger,  I awoke with Christmas carols in my head.
"Awaaaay in a manger no crib for a bed . .. " I sang away until my brother realized his ridiculing me was quite futile in that I simply sang louder to drown out his criticism.
Anyway, props to singing Christmas carols in the middle of Spring, commencing of Summer.
And picture of Mas the Swan who keeps me company with his Christmas sweater year round. Reminding me sometimes it's ok to do the weird, and that we never know when Christ really was born. So everyday should be special, every day should be a day to be infected with "Christmas Spirit" to do good. Everyday we should praise God and thank Him for His life-saving Gift.

P.S. According to Ty, (the beanie babies stuffies company) Mas's name was originally Gracie (also meaning he was a she.) but in typical Larissa fashion I have changed his name to Mas. Just thought you should know.


Yesterday a few more of our moving boxes arrived. Thank God.
A box of Victor's Legos arrived and he was so excited this weekend he could barely sleep. Mother and I opened up the couple of other boxes. We laughed at the way everything was packed. (Apparently even with all the moving we've done we still haven't gotten the hang of packing.) And we realized, that life. .. doesn't require much! We've been doing so well without alot of our things. In fact, most of our belongings are back East, and really we haven't missed them as much as I thought we would. Oh it's wonderful to receive boxes and I can't wait to open the others on the way, and it does begin to feel more like home with familiar things taking up familiar places, but realisticly . .. we hoard up so many things! that aren't really necessities!
We were reminded of  Matthew 6:19 & 20. "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth...But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven." For in the words of wise Solomon "...vanity of vanities, all is vanity." Life will be over so soon, and all we possess. . .we will leave behind. I can't wait. Can you?

But I can't deny the comfort of opening boxes and seeing so many familiar things! Even Victor's toys were a welcome sight! Top photo, Victor's airplane back in Toronto that finally arrived yesterday. Middle photo, a jar of honey. *yuuummy* Bottom photo a cute little jar in the midst of the tissue paper we used to wrap everything up. Probably not the most protecting paper but still, it made opening the boxes feel like opening a gift.!

May 7, 2011

Tulip Week

It was one of the few, rare sunny days in Abbotsford. One of the days that in the [paraphrased] words of a local, "Abbotsford makes you hate her for 30 days a month with pounding rain and frowning skies, but then on the 31st the sun shows himself and it makes the whole month worth it." One of the rare days that speckles the calendar with a glorious yellow.
So, this week, before Daddy left for the Philippines, we went out to take a few pictures among the tulips Mommy had fallen in love with.
Downtown Abby, Clearbrook Library and The Gallery, the tulips were in full bloom almost fading already; the petals so open they were hanging on by mere petiols.
Mommy has loved tulips since forever. In all the houses we have lived in, they were made home as soon as one of Mommy's tulip decorations was up. Easter week is usually tulip festival week and mother couldn't be happier! (The rest of us, however.. .tend to dread this time, it's when Mommy insists on tulip pictures.)
The following are photos of such incidents:

Ottawa Tulip Festival 2009:

                                                                  && Abby 2011 ~*
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