Toadally Doing This.

I'm bad at puns. I know.
I also know I've already blogged today, but then I ended up on Periphery, and realized how much I lack in the way of writing well, was introduced to the Leap Blog Day event.
I love leap years ... February having an extra day. It's all so mysterious and intriguing, and brings up such fun questions such as, "When do people born on February 29th celebrate their birthdays? Once every four years?" and all that silliness.

I also can't wait to see how many Irish women actually do propose on the 29th of February.
Anyyyywayyys....getting back on topic, I've signed up for the Leap Blog Day. What is that? It's a day where I get to pick a victim awesome blogger, and ask them to graciously do a guest post for me. So on the 29th, if I find someone who's willing, there will be a post by a guest author, and a link to their blog. (I'd like to echo S.Stauss' plea and ask that when you do become followers and admirers of their awesome blog, to please not forget me. No seriously. Don't leave me!!!) (I beg you!)  (This is what happens when I write more than one post a day..I get overdramatic and scary.)

So what are you waiting for? Go check out the Leap Blog event, and get more info + sign up!

Click Here or on the Frog below to be directed to the sign up sheet.

Come know you want to!



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