Object Silliness for Humor Me Friday.

The truth is it's become second nature. I'm not looking for them anymore. They just, show up. 

Last week, while on the road, I kept seeing them on the sides of houses. The windows were arranged specifically to form smiles, faces, etc.

Like this one..

The library had plenty to contribute...

A lopsided toothy grin.


And there he is again.


On our way out, Victor spotted him ^


And when we got to the church, on the piano... there was another grinner. 


We went for a walk, ended up at the outdoor portion of a museum, and there was the smiley.


In the same museum, behind the fence, was an onlooker...


At the small town consignment shop...there was a clock face.


And in the church cafeteria.. the doorknobs and trash grinned.

Keep smiling. Keep searching for the happy. And speaking of happy, Happy Friday Y'all!


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