Object Silliness.

Happy Wednesday! (I still don't spell that right on the first try. One day ...)

I'm packing. Washington awaits me. We're finally going to church this weekend. We have our own services here every week, but it'll be so nice to get to see everyone again, and worship in our own church, in a building, with fellow believers. 

So after that first Object Silliness post, we've managed to find a few more. 

I was half asleep in the car on our way back from Washington a few weeks ago, when I opened my eyes and saw a face staring out at me from the darkness. The lights on the truck ahead .... Do you see it?

Victor was watching his class when he called me from the living room. I walked over to him and he turned over the remote control. Smiley!

Last but not least, the shower caddy always has a big grin. Freaks me out at times...especially when the eyes start increasing and I start seeing...

That's when I know shower time is over.

P.S. In case my drawing abilities aren't um ... quite clear, it's a spider. (:


  1. Awesome idea to find smiley faces in objects! I often see them in the strangest places, too.

  2. I love how you can find smiles anywhere, in anything!

  3. I love these - they make ME smile! I am on the look out now for my own Object Silliness!

    1. Thanks for the link you sent me via Twitter Ann! I loved being part of it!

  4. Oh, I saw the spider, and that would get me out of the shower, too.

  5. HA, very cute! I agree about the spider in the shower. Game over!


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