April TidBits.

 Spanish Student Problem.1: Practicing my Spanish exercises while eating a bowl of cereal ... Not working very well . Hasta mañana  sounds more like Assa maahaah which might be translated in the kitchen as wanna banana. 

Spanish Student Problem. 2: Feeling ridiculous while practicing, "pu pu pu pu pu" exercises.

Gym at 8 in the morning. Stuffing myself with pasta salad at 10. Problem? *sigh

I've come to realize, that the people with most workout pins on pinterest, are the ones less working out. Ask me how I know...

So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads. THEODORE GEISEL ("DR. SEUSS")

Dear pile of unfolded laundry. 
Stop Nagging or I'll hide you under my bed and keep you there 'till Christmas! 
(And that's when it retaliated with a, "A guilty conscience needs no accuser" in a singy-songy voice. *sigh* I loathe unfolded laundry piles.)

The college board sent mailed me my SAT scores along with a bit more info. Turns out, in reading my score was 80% higher than last year's national group and 84% higher than Washington's college-bound seniors. In writing my score was 87% higher than last year's national group and 92% higher than Washington's college-bound seniors. Not that I'm bragging or anything. Just obsessively gloating.

Victor has been having many tummy aches for the past couple of months, and all the doctors he visits say he's perfectly healthy... so we're trying to find someone who actually helps the poor kid. For now he just doesn't eat and every once in a while when the pain strikes he walks around hunched over.

And here are two Peanut's comic strips that I found on my camera card this week. Schultz really was a master at spreading smiles, and weaving serious thoughts into his character's adventures.




  1. So many cute funny things here!!! I like the laundry bit and the Seuss quote.

    Congrats on being 92% higher than college bond Washington students, etc!!!

    Hope your brother gets some answers/relief.

  2. Ah, the laundry under the bed trick. I myself employed this when I was kid, sick of folding laundry and wanting to run outside to play. I've always wondered what my Mom thought when she found a few of her shirts under her bed.....And this is part of why I do my own laundry and don't have my kids do any of it! They have turned out to be quite a bit like me and I don't want my shirts under the bed.....

    1. Well, I've never actually done it. But I have felt like tossing it out the window so it'll just go away!

      And I agree.. I don't want my shirts under the bed either.

  3. With those kind of scores, you deserve to brag or gloat or shout it from the rooftops!!!! That's fantastic!
    I always loved Peanut's.

  4. Congratulations on those great scores, LT! I figured you'd do amazingly, with your wonderful writing abilities and all. You are so funny, loved reading this.

  5. Fantastic scores, Larissa--and not too surprising considering your writing abilities that are on display for all of us. Love the Geisel/Seuss quote--he's one of my favorites (obviously). Don't let the laundry win. ;)

    1. Thanks Masked Mom. And Seuss was amazing, and one of my favorites too.

      *sigh* Ok, I won't let it beat me...


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