Books, Buddies, and Bows.

Yesterday, I met for the first time my second little reading buddy. She's bright and adorable, she likes to read, and I have a feeling we're going to have a lot of fun in the months ahead.

Yesterday, I was working on my Pinterest board cleaning, and came across a hair tutorial I had pinned a while back. It was to make a bow, with your hair. I thought it looked fun, and cute, and really really hard. So I pinned it on a whim. Yesterday I clicked on the link, and it took me to this wonderful tutorial by Ducks in a Row. (She's awesome by the way. Go check her blog out. But be right back!) Turns out, the 'do is easier than I thought..and well, I tried it. Ok, so it's not as pretty as her's, but I was satisfied.

I found this book on a shelf of recommended books in the kids section. I immediately thought of you, Tiffanie

Mother's favorite flowers are around now..She's loving it.

And a bow themed outfit..

Cardigan: Autumn Cashmere. via Thrift.
Skirt: Jacob. via Thrift.
Socks: Ardené.
All Stars.
Purse: Steve Madden.

Bow Bun via Ducks in a Row Tutorial

Bow socks, because I own about two pairs of socks that are one solid color only. 


Books for her. Books for me. And Record Sheets...

 (Books with Harold and His Purple Crayon.)

Karen Witemeyer's to Win Her Heart I loved the book covers for all her books, and loved the Historical Christian fiction inside the covers as well. Witemeyer is pretty much amazing.

Happy Friday!


  1. Love the bow hairdo! So pretty and sweet.

  2. You are the cutest ever! Love the bow and outfit!

  3. Cute. I love your style - and I love that bow in your hair!

  4. Girl, thank you for mentioning me, and thank you for showing me a HAIR BOW! That is fabulous. These are lovely photos. Hope you had a great weekend, LT! xoxo

  5. Very pretty! I need to find a better way to put my hair when I work, but I'm simply not good at all that.

  6. I love the bow theme--and you clearly have more patience with your hair than I have with mine. ;)


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