Of Loss.

 TangledLou has once again challenged us to write. This time, about loss. The most challenging part? It must be in 250 words no more. I've been cutting, and prying, and slicing, and ripping this post apart to make it shorter, I just hope it now makes sense. But hey...that's wasn't part of the rules was it?


 Everyone has experienced loss in some form that left them distressed, but we've all experienced loss that didn't upset us. Loss of fear, weight, baby teeth.

 Just as we must lose our baby teeth in order for our "adult" teeth to grow in, we must lose things in life, for better things to come.

 There* once was a king who enjoyed hunting. On one particular hunt, he and his servant were attacked by a lion. Before the servant managed to shoot it, it bit off one of the king's fingers. The king was outraged! His finger had been lost to a lion! The servant was cast into prison.

 Years later, hunting again, the king was captured by savages who intended to sacrifice him. As the king was being lowered to the flames, someone noticed the king's deformed hand. He was no longer fit for a perfect sacrifice and was set free.

 Back home, the king, no longer angry with his servant, summoned him. As the king told the story, the servant smiled, "God protected you, O King." The king frowned, "Yes, but if God is so good, why did he allow you to be put into prison?" The servant replied, "Because if I weren't in prison, I'd be out hunting. I'd be the one served as a sacrifice."

 God knows what He's doing and when He interlaces loss in our lives we have to trust and have faith. God works in mysterious ways and loss is one of them.

*Thanks to the many times Daddy has repeated this story in his sermons throughout the years.


  1. I've never heard that story before. I like it. What a great lesson about faith.

  2. You have such a mature spirituality, Larissa. Lessons for all of us!

  3. I had to read this one to my minister hubby! He actually laughed too! Am going to share it with my sister who was widowed last year at 32 with a 2 year old. I think it will make her day too!

    Warmest regards,

    1. Oh I'm so glad, Joy! It's wonderful to hear that you all enjoyed it so.

      I'm so sorry for your sister's loss.

  4. I like this parable an succinctly told : ) It is comforting to think of loss in this way and ties in nicely with Easter.

  5. Lovely story, Larissa. Yes, there's always another side of what we consider to be loss or "bad stuff".

  6. Lovely story. Really reminds us that what happens to us, even the most awful ones, happen for a reason.

  7. What a great parable, and one I've never heard. Poignant- thanks for sharing!

  8. Nice job, Larissa, and so wise, as always. :)

  9. Oh, very good. And timely for me. I was just at a funeral for a friend who did unexpectedly and the words of the Pastor have hung in my mind all day. We do not now why, but we do know it is God's perfect plan.


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