Thumbs Up. Thumbs Down.

Yesterday's Tying Up Lose Ends post, was supposed to be a post full of random little ends and pieces of things I'd like to share, but I haven't managed to create into actual full blog posts. But I forgot, or was asleep but not in bed already and so it turned into one blog post, on one topic. A very deserving topic too. So, today I'll wrap up the loose ends again, with a Thumbs Up. Thumbs Down. post.

  • Allergies. Ugh. How I despise them. How I long to take deep breaths. Through my nose! If you are able to do so, please inhale deeply for me. That's right. In .... and out ... Be thankful you can do that.
  • Organic Chemistry. Just sayin'
  • The habit of waking up late. Once you get into it, withdrawal symptoms are cruel. 
  • My lapse of judgement in showing Victor the Mr. Trolololo Guy video.
  • Youtube uploaders taking the Mr. Trolololo Guy video, and creating one that plays for 50 hours straight. 
  • The concoction my mother put together for me to drink to soothe my sore throat (when you breathe through your mouth for a couple of weeks on tends to make your throat raspy). It's staring at me. And I don't want to drink it. I've picked it up at least thrice, but I chicken out.

  • My SAT scores have arrived! They finally did! And I have to say (referring to the writing and reading sections) not too shabby! Now..please consider the math section as a Thumbs Down. Quite shabby. Ick. 
  • Yet, despite the math's ickiness the scores meet requirements for both universities I've wanted to apply to so far. So Thumbs Up.
  • Finishing up History 11. School subjects with A Beka Academy, are like "normal" school. You have certain subjects everyday, and at the end of the year, you're finished with everything more or less together. This year, I decided to finish certain subjects at different times. That way, less stress in one week. Finals were spread out throughout the month. So I did extra works in some subjects, and finished it. Then on to math, English, and so on. Yesterday, I got rid of History. Only Chemistry left, and that's almost done. Yay!
  • Having the opportunity to do better on the math SAT section. Next month, another SAT awaits me. 
  • Spring. Flowers. Blooms. Sunny-ish days. easter candy. warmer-ish weather.
  • Foodgawker. I am a really really really big fan of food. Most of the time, I'm a big fan of cooking it too. For salty things, I adapt recipes, I make up recipes, I go out on a limb. But for sweet things I follow recipes adamantly. (Which usually doesn't matter because it ends as a calamity anyway.) Foodgawker is my favorite place to go for inspiration and recipes. I'm quite loyal to it actually and don't stray from it unless I'm looking for something especially difficult. It's pretty amazing.
  • Mommy's got glasses! She looks adorable in them, and I'll try to sneak a photo to show you. 
  • Thumbs pointing up being more than the thumbs pointing down. Happy Wednesday!


  1. congrats on the SAT scores!! those are hard - - we've been through them three times!!!

    1. Really? I'm planning on getting two done, and rollin' with that. Don't know if I'd get much better anyways..

  2. So glad you have more thumbs up : ) All sounds wonderful to me - you are such a great person!

  3. Hurray for the SATs - congrats! There was never any doubt on our end that you'd do well:) p.s. I agree about the thumbs down to the Trololo guy- Ian loves it and plays it constantly to annoy me.

    1. Hahahaha! Yes they seem to get a kick out of that don't they? Yesterday Victor sent me an e-mail entitled "Just to show you I love you" when I opened it up it was a screenshot of the Trololo guy. *sigh*

  4. I HATE you for Introducing me to yet another time wasting procrastinating website where you like things, food things.... I also love you for introducing me to the website because I am 1/3 of the way through my transition to Vegan, using Kathy Freston's "The Lean."( I posted about thinking about going 1/3 vegetarian sometime around December) And foodgawker has a bunch of great looking vegan foods....

    1. Haha! You're welcome April! hehe

      Oh! And definitely good luck on vegetarianism/veganism! It's amazing what the change does!

  5. I confess I did not make it all the way through the Trololo guy--despite my daughter's boyfriend's urgent urgings.

    Glad the SATs went well and admire the fact that you're going back to try to improve your math grade even though you scored high enough for the schools you are looking at. My daughter had almost the exact same experience. :)

    1. Hehehe. It was actually kind of cool the first time. But became horrendously annoying.

      Thanks MM! I hope to improve at least a little. (:


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