Typing Up Lose Ends.

"Yes!"'s and "This is so so cool!"'s come from the living room and I smile. He's going through his new stamp album again.

Last month I wrote a post on Victor's philately interest, and something wonderful happened. Caroline (cdnkaro) e-mailed me from across the country telling me she too, used to collect stamps, and she wondered if Victor would like some of the stamps she had gathered throughout the years. I was sure Victor would like love them, so we kept it a secret.

Yesterday, a Canada post delivery notice addressed to Victor arrived. We left to do a bit of shopping, my reading buddies session at the library, and on our way home, we went to the post office. Victor was oblivious. I do believe the videos can pick up from here.

We're a little camera shy around here, and pardon my nasally voice. Nose is not functioning very well as of late. ^-^

After he got over his shyness and everything sunk in, he was quite excited. Now an album of stamps and more stamps grace our living room floor. 

So Caroline, from Victor and I, a big huge Merci Beaucoup!  


  1. I loved his smile when he pulled the book out of the package - - priceless!

  2. That Caroline! How does she do it? She does more than any one person I know and still finds the time and energy to be so eternally thoughtful! What a great gift for your Victor!

  3. That is so cool! And thanks for posting the video and sharing it with all of us!

  4. Glad he liked it:) Bienvenue!

  5. I loved this--and I agree with Lou, Caroline is superhuman. ;)


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