What It's Like In My Head.

 I personify things, daily, constantly. I give them likes and dislikes. I give them feelings. For example, the fridge gets scared of the dark and pees. Which is why when we wake up in the morning, there are little puddles on the kitchen floor.

 This is probably one of the reasons I slept with all my stuffed animals in my bed as a child. I was afraid one of them would feel left out. [Because I personify things, not because the fridge gets scared and pees.] This is also probably why I cannot break up sets of dishes, or books.
"They'll be separaaateeed! How would you feel if you were at the mercy of owners? How would you feel if someone broke up our family?"
 I'll exclaim when mom wonders if we should get rid of three teacups from the six piece set, because those three have been chipped. 

I also find myself making up stories. Or random life scenarios, like,

 When I get rich, rich enough to have those "seasonal homes" .. you know, like the summer Callaway mansion? Anyways, mine will be in the mountains, in a ski resort municipality, (totally inspired by Whistler) kind of like a ski resort, but private. Fully equipped with a log house fa├žade and an authentic stone fireplace and hearth. Anywho, in the living/family room, which will have a very high ceiling, there will be a special corner for "The Christmas Tree." On our first Christmas there, we will bring home with us, an infant tree. There, it will thrive and grow under the watchful eye of our gardner. Of course, the tree will be inside. There it will rise to its full height of oh .. at least thirteen feet. What. .. if Zach and Jody can have a thirteen foot tall Christmas tree why can't the filthy rich version of me have one too? Oh, and they only kept it for one season! I'm keeping it for life. .. like duh!

 So pretty much, that's much of what goes on in my head. .. I know. You didn't ask. But I'm entertaining the possibility of doing a Z-A post series. (What? You think I'm copying the A-Z challenge? You're so right. How'd you get so smart?) I'm starting backwards because I'm scared of the April A-Z challenge cops who might get me because I'm doing it in May and not April. Naughty Naughty. My "theme" or what not, will be to come up with a little scenario/story for every letter.

 Growing up, I had an alphabet book. It showed all the letters with a girl/boy whose name began with that respective letter; each child was holding something that began with that letter too. The book rhymed and I basically loved loved loved it. There was also a number book, and the numbers were in a circus; each number had a different act.

 Ever since then, I've given numbers and letters attributes too. My world is actually quite colorful. For example, 8 is fat, and purple, and he loves donuts. "S" is cheeky and silly and she laughs at everything!
So you see, I'm not expecting this to be too difficult, but I'll see how it goes. Tomorrow we shall begin with "Z". Z is a he .. but that's it for tonight...



  1. I do the same thing. Only, I think yours sounds normal compared to mine :( My family used to make fun of me because I felt bad for cars when it rained.

    Also, when I was little I genuinely believed that numbers one and two were together and three was on it's own but had feelings for four. However, four had feelings for five who didn't feel the same. Five had a thing for six who was with seven. Who, to me, seemed like a body builder. Eight and nine were older and just didn't deal with the younger numbers. And ten was too old to even care. It just did it's own thing. So, all the even numbers were females and the odd numbers were males.

    ...Too much? :/ Yeah, I think I'm crazy.

    1. Hahaha! I used to "talk" in my head, to our cars too. And I felt sooo bad when we had to sell them. It was horrible.

      I love it love it love it! I totally put the numbers in the couples too! Seven as a body-builder is great!

      I love your type of crazy! (:

  2. I do the same. My car has a name. I used to sit on the couch and watch tv with this huge Eeyore doll (I was in my 20s at the time).

    I also have conversations with dogs, which aren't things but don't talk back either (although I imagine their responses in my head).

    I love those alphabet books that incorporate images with the letter. So, that's normal right? Obviously those artists thought of their letters/#s as having personalities too.

    1. Dogs definitely talk in my head too ... Stuffed animals also! We're completely normal.

  3. Don't ever lose this great imaginative quality!!!

    1. Haha .. I don't see that happening anytime soon, Ann. Hopefully never.

  4. Hi, LT!

    That last little paragraph reminded me of synesthesia. You should Google it. My husband has a little bit of something like that going on, and you might, too, although it sounds like you do it just for fun!

    1. Oh it's purely excessive silliness, Tiffanie. Nothing really serious. (:


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