Thirty Days & New Projects.

 I vowed I'd never be one of those people who constantly starts things and leaves them halfway through. Wells, 2012 has seen me start up and leave off quite a couple of projects. (Such as the letter characteristic posts that never made it past .. x?) It shames me, but doesn't deter me. I'm giving it up for another project. A few more actually.

 One of the projects I'm introducing today is a project I'm going to be participating in with Kassie from A Life List. We're following a set of of "30 prompts." She explains in this post.

 The first prompt is to list 20 random things about myself. However, I have recently listed 22 things about myself in two almost consecutive posts and do not feel comfortable boring you with more.. so I will skip this one and will, instead introduce you to yet another project, because, as I recently told a friend, this is my last summer as a minor and therefore I am allowed to break the rules because, you know, kids.

 Oh, by the way, Kassie posted her first post today, pass by and get to know her a little better. (:

 The second project has much to do with you. In fact, it is mostly about you. It won't take long for me to explain.

 Do you remember school? Such a sweet time ago? What was it like? What are some of your memories? Are they good memories? Are they bad memories? What year waves and hollers at you from the crowd of twelve or more years of schooling you had? That first image that pops to mind when you click on the "School Years" folder? Did a particular teacher make a difference?

 This is what I'd like to know. This is my new project. One of the few times I have been brave enough to ask for audience participation. I'm asking you to write me an experience you had during school. Good, bad, happy, sad. (Doesn't have to rhyme.)

 If you give me permission and e-mail it in ( the girl writes @ hotmail . com) I shall feature your post on the blog. Every month I will feature one post linking back to the author. So what do you say? Are you in? Will you help me on my newest creation?

Help a sister out! (Yeah, another something on my list of things I've always wanted to say.)

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  1. Would you like use to write our experience in this comment? It is hard for me to think about school without a flood of emotion rushing in. I had such difficulty learning to read and write which is a majority of what you do in school. Honestly I can remember sitting there praying not to get called on to read out loud. It was so humiliating. Things improved for me because I could run fast in gym. I was good at art and started winning competitions and I learned to read and write enough to enjoy math and science. I honestly love work and being an adult so much more than I ever did school : )

    1. Write it as a blog post. If you wouldn't like to post it, then send it straight to e-mail. :D

      That's an interesting perspective! So many people wish they could go back .. Glad you're happy as an adult!

    2. will do - must give it a positive spin : )

  2. Ah, school. "School days" takes me to several snippets in my mind. There's a clip of me in first grade watching the boy I had a crush on take the note I had written him to the teacher because he couldn't read yet. I was mortified.

    I see my American History teacher, Mr. Warmee (junior year), teasing me about being late for class because I was in the hall with my boyfriend.

    I see myself kicking at my dear friend Julie under the table in 5th grade math. It wasn't a fight. We just gently kicked at each other during class.

    I see my 5th grade choir teacher Ms. Hoskin when I met her for dinner as an adult. She remembered me as a little kid, and she remembered my mother, which is a gift in itself.

    Oh, Larissa. You're prompting a post in me; you know that, right? :-)

    1. Yay! That's what I'm hoping for !! Will you allow me to feature said post here?

    2. But of course. I'm always up for helpin a sista out. ;-)

  3. Sounds fun!! You can use my SOC post.

  4. I'm going to have to get back to you, LT. I guess I'm over the hill now. When I click on my "school years" folder I come up short! :(

  5. I will try to think of something and e-mail it you :) Anything in particular or just any school experience?


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