Fejupi 2012.

June in Brazil is party month. The further away from the cities you get, the bigger and more traditional the parties become. As most everyone knows, Brazil is predominantly a Catholic country. Catholic churches have saints. Traditionally, every city in Brazil has its own saint. Therefore, in June parties are held to celebrate these saints.

Or at least, that's what it's supposed to be like. 

Nowadays, small towns get together to form festivals and parties to rival the ones thrown in the cities, each one hoping to out party the next. Pirapózinho is no different. Its claim to fame is its annual bonfire that traditionally reaches 60 meters (app. 197 feet) into the night sky. (This year, however, we had thunderstorms and the wind tore part of the bonfire off and it wasn't completed on time. Hence its height this year was "merely" 30 meters (app. 98 feet).

The people plan and plan this event for months. The fairground is cleaned, the tents set up, the attractions brought in, the singers booked, the food stands and food prepared... The fair is buzzing with activity every night for a week, but then on June 23, a Saturday night, the crowds thicken, the anticipation grows and finally, the fire is lit. For the next twenty-eight minutes the sky is lit up with the most beautiful show of fireworks I had ever seen. 

Last minute touches for tonight..

Stands with coconut candy and more traditional homemade sweets.

The bonfire..

Fun at the fair...


I told you we were getting close to cow country .. I saw the most varied collection of cowboy(girl) boots...

Coconut candy .. (Cocada)

Who's up for riding on a mechanical bull?!

Watching .. and learning..

Goodnight fair .. 

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  1. Larissa, thank you so much for linking up at Frankly, My Dear...! I love your photos. Every single post. I just love them. Here, I'm hardpressed to pick one favorite! If you have any posts on photography tips, I'd love for you to contribute to my Blog Help Blog Hop, too!

    1. Oh Molly, it would be an honor! Will the Hop be there in a couple of days? I'm just really behind in my postings, but as soon as I'm all caught up I'd love to join and contribute! Can't wait to learn some things too!

      Thank you!

  2. Looks like fun! Rides, food, fire, people watching....good times!

    1. Favorite part is people watching and food! :D

  3. What a blast! My daughter would love all the cowboy boots!

  4. Fun! Love all the boots : )

  5. So much fun!! I love the different food and boot shots!

  6. LT! Just diving back in here! How fun! The photo you took of the colorful flags against the blue sky and wispy clouds is one of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen! It takes my breath away. Gorgeous!

  7. Looks like fun!
    Great photos!


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