August TidBits.

And here are August's TidBits ... because not everyone has Twitter:

I firmly believe that if we must lick envelopes closed, they should at least be flavored. Like Nutella. Just saying ...

Is it weird that I think that .. one of the most inspiring parts of the the commercials. -_-

Tiffanie's opened up her Etsy shop! Come check it out! cornerblogstore  

So many wonderful things to do! So little time! This gives me happy shivers.

Everyday I randomly pray little prayers ... most of them consist of: "Thank you Lord for cookies, and thank you Lord for milk."

When Victor reads the Bible story of the night at Simon's house, he substitutes cinnamon for Simon's name. "Cinnamon was a proud pharisee..." Probably just goes to prove we're related...

Some nights, I can hear the train whistle blow as it gets further and further away... Train whistles have always had the ability to tug at my feelings and take a piece of me with them into the dark distance . .. Anyone else feel trains have that effect on them?

After my presentation as a swimming instructor, fellow classmates complimented me with the following, "You have a good instructor's voice." 
Little do they know ... 'being loud' it's part of being Brazilian.

So.. Is the back of your back .. your chest?

That awesome moment when you have a face mask on and you feel a sneeze coming on. 

“Life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with sniffles predominating.” ― O. Henry, The Gift of the Magi (That story is pretty darn awesome by the way) 

Nothing is more contagious than an example.

This evening, right after his shower, Victor weighed himself and came jumping out into the living room yelling "I'm fatter! I'm fatter! I gained a pound! Hallelujah!" And this just goes to prove .. something, I'm sure.

Sometimes I wish I had laser beams that would shoot out of my eyes on command.. it would make my death stare that much more effective..

I can't wait til they find a way to make it possible for people to message you phone battery charge.. And candy. Definitely candy.

Just vacuumed and swept the whole house. Arm workouts for the whole entire week? CHECK!

Friday night I was surprised to find a purple black and green bruise on my hip. Extremely tired, I ignored it. Yesterday I remembered where it was from ... Friday morning after 3 1/2 hours in the water teaching kids to swim, my last student attempted a flutter kick but missed the water completely. Guess where he kicked instead. Yep. My hip. I wonder how many people think working with kids is actually a safe job ... 

How has your August been?


  1. It is always so much fun to read these! Funny, when I get on the scale, I only jump up and down when I lose a pound.. Then I am doing a happy dance saying "I am thinner!" I like his dance better!! Yes, messaged candy would be a great thing....Wait, I just mentioned the scale, better not wish for this. Thanks for making me smile.

    1. Hahaha! Thanks for making me smile too, Winnie! But I agree with you .. that's the same dance I do too.

  2. Envelopes should taste better than they do, for sure!
    I will think 'cinnamon' every time I read Simon in the Bible from now on.
    Message me some candy, please!!

  3. Hmmm envelopes that taste of sweets, maybe we would send more letters then?

    1. I'd definitely take it as an incentive! (:

  4. This is a fun and entertaining post!

  5. Loved your bits and pieces list. My August has been smashing! Very busy, but completely wonderful.

    1. Thanks Michelle! I can't wait to read all about it. (:

  6. Wow, thank you so much for linking up my shop, LT. That was so very sweet of you!

    I like the idea of this post, especially because you do say some great stuff on Twitter. You have an amazing sense of humor, and as always, you are a wonderful writer! xoxo

  7. If only we cold all be as happy as Victor when we gain weight!!! Great bits and pieces.
    My August has been great....hard to believe that summer is almost over......

    1. Shhh!! Don't mention that last sentence out loud! It's scary! (:

      Thanks Carolina!

  8. Oh .. I love this! Your post is so fun to read as if I was there watching your days went by ..
    Train yes ... I love train's whistles ... I wrote a blog on this ---"Trains of our lives ..."

  9. I can't miss these kinds of gems anymore - just followed you on Twitter!

    1. I get a kick out of the fact that you all enjoy these so much ... I guess I hope following me on Twitter doesn't disappoint!

  10. Love these. Just sent you a follow request. You crack me up, Larissa!

  11. Hah, I love your tidbits. They are hilarious. Kids are so not safe, it's true! I love them for it, but they can also be overwhelming.

    Also, YES, ENVELOPES SHOULD BE FLAVORED. They taste sweet already, why not make them taste nice? (I mean, what the heck is the flavor they have, anyways?? Strangeness?)

    I was just talking about little mini teleportation machines for sending mail - and then the topic changed to how AWESOME IT WOULD BE IF YOU COULD SEND PEOPLE CHOCOLATE TO JUST LET THEM KNOW YOU WERE THINKING OF THEM. SPUR OF THE MOMENT CHOCOLATE. SERIOUSLY. Not even to receive. I would just love randomly surprising friends. *sigh*


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