Brazil VII - A Wedding.

On Friday Daddy and I dropped Isabel, Junior and Lizmary off at the airport .. they were headed to further adventures in a different part of Brazil, and I was to continue mine in São Paulo. 

Well the state anyways because on Sunday we drove an hour and a half to a wedding of church friends... 

The day was a little overcast, and in Brazil it's winter and even though Brazilian winters are gorgeous offer so many warm sunny days, this day was unusually cold and windy, but everyone the ceremony and reception, the people and family so warm it was a beautiful event....

Things you should know: 
There will mostly be photos of my family, less of the bridal party ... 
I took the first few photos, the rest are my Uncle's so do attribute any photography credits to him!

My favorite part of the whole wedding? These two. 

The little girl on the left is Agatha, a family friend's little girl. The little boy on the right is Sammy, my little cousin.

This is his big sister, Danielle.

What I love most about these kids, is their love for life, their unabashed way of being themselves, their mischievous smiles and eyes...  

See what I mean?

The choir...


This is Jane. She's my cousin, my sister from another mother, my best friend.

Aunt Marianne. I honestly have the cutest family.

Wesley (the groom) with his parents. Yes that's his mother. Yes she has three grown sons. 

Karen. Radiant, Lovely...

How I miss this little cutie...

Aunt L. and Uncle D. 

Taking the vows to the bride and groom...

Uncle N. (Daddies brother), Daddy, Jane, Moi!

Aunt L.'s sister, Joyce. She's wonderful. She was a bridesmaid and gave me her bouquet. She's engaged, so I'm totally counting it as being the same thing as the bride's bouquet.

Here's to a happy ever-after for Karen and Wesley....


  1. What a beautiful wedding!

  2. que legal, que lindo, que tudoooo

  3. I love your Dress and shoes, very nice, looks like a wonderful event and that cake is HUGE

  4. Beautiful wedding and you're right, you really do have a cute family! Those little ones! Gorgeous!! And I have to say that the wedding cake is the prettiest I've ever seen (please don't tell my married kids I said that!). :O)

    1. Hahaha! Don't worry Word Nerd, your secret is safe with me. (:

  5. How lovely with an outdoor wedding. Very pretty photos and very pretty people! I was at a wedding last summer in Italy, where they had the wedding party in Slovenia since it was just on the other side of the border. It was wonderful!

  6. Oh, so beautiful! The photos are astounding.

  7. You look lovely, LT? Best part of that wedding? THE BOLO!!!!

    1. Beautiful isn't it? And it was real too!


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