Neighbor Types.

And tonight, another expert from the good ol' blog, saving me from NaBloPoMo failure.
Excuse the silliness of a 10th grader.

 If you live in a neighbourhood you are sure to find quite a variation of characters.
Some can be pleasant and amusing, others not so much. Take a look at you neighborhood and see if maybe you can recognize your neighbors in one or two of the following categories:

The Hermits: These are the quiet type. You might not even be sure if the house is inhabited! No soliciting, Private Property, Keep off the grass, and unwelcoming mats are often their favorite yard decorations.Yet in a way it's comforting to know that they don't peer into your life, as long as you make sure you don't peer into theirs!

The Pryers: Sometimes called the gardeners, this group usually does enjoy gardening.
Not merely because they have a green thumb, but because it provides ample opportunity for prying into other people's lives. They were born with X-ray vision, or maybe that's their army binoculars that tell them everything that goes on in your house.

The Gossips: Not to be confused with the Pryers, the Gossips are much more advanced. While Pryers pry as amateurs, the Gossipers pry as a way of life. They check their mail as you leave for work, and they make mental notes of which car you took, who drove the kids to school, and possibly what the kids were taking for lunch or if they took lunch money instead. If it's casual Friday at your work, they'll be sure to know. If it's your child's birthday, they'll know who came and who turned down the invitations. They come over with their 'Yoo-hoo's' and plastered smiles, with their eyes wide and as you say hello, their specs have absorbed everything from the dust on the top of the chandelier to your stained house slippers. They probably read to much of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as kids, they would have been wonderful detectives if they could keep all of their information to themselves but no, they can't. They must share each and every atom of information with others. While the Pryers are gardening the Gosspis lean against the fence and gurgle away everything they know. Sometimes it's because of them you don't use your yard quite as much as you planned, and sometimes they are more than half of the reason you chose the weed cutter and loudest blower in town, therefore you are compelled to buy the ear muffs.

The Grandmothers: Whether they really are grandmothers, or are young mothers, or simply nice ladies, doesn't matter. They are the ones that made you feel welcome when you first arrived in the neighborhood. She bakes cookies, and pies, and somehow always has one extra just for you! She brings soup to you when you're sick, and tells you exactly what you need to hear when you are feeling down. They are the ones everyone wants and needs in their neighborhood.

The Cheaper by the Dozens: These decided to let nature pick out the size of their family. They are the ones with 15 kids, and 12 pets. The pets run after the mailmen, the kids run after the pets, the Gossips run after the kids asking why they were out so late last night, and sooner or later they've trampled your yard, set your sprinklers on and appalled your great aunt that was visiting from Alaska. Their bunch, tribe, gang, or whatever they call themselves, can turn your life upside down, and that's not always necessarily a bad thing.

The Scavengers: Some people say that one man's junk is another man's treasure. Well this happens to be the Scavenger's motto for life. Everything is their dearest treasure so they simple must display it all on their front lawn! Old furniture, cages of all shapes and sizes, tires and rotten wood, yep, everything is there. Nothing is ever thrown away. Everything is kept for 'future use'. Maybe its future use will be in another junk yard, or maybe you will some day find yourself needing something from their yard. Usually the Scavengers are friendly hermits who are only hermits because nobody cares to look for them underneath all the 'treasure' they have accumulated throughout the years. But sometimes underneath all the rusty metal, the Scavenger himself proves to be a gold mine!

The Perfects (a.k.a. The Joneses) : They are just too good to be true! It's almost like they popped out of a story book. They barbecue in the summer, and participate in all the local activities. The two children are active in sports and have great academic grades. They are friendly but not nosy. They go to grandma's for the Holidays and sometimes even go out to sing Christmas carols with the others. The children are well behaved and even their one dog (a Golden Retriever) has good manners! For sure they go to church every week, and their home is always in perfect condition. The lawn is kept in perfect order, and their lives seem to be as smooth as silk. Maybe they are undercover agents? Or maybe they are just Godsends to even out the craziness of your neighborhood. The Gossipers would know! 

 So you see? Neighbors can be blessings or curses, what type of neighbor are you?


  1. I really enjoyed your post. You nailed it. Bravo!

  2. Wow-- I think my family would be a mix of all of these. We keep to ourselves for sure--but we do garden!! And I don't gossip very much--but occasionally when there is drama afoot in the neighborhood. I do my best to welcome new neighbors--but for the most part we don't have a big turn over in our neighborhood. I do have a large family--and a lot of pets (we foster our dogs) but they don't run wild--the children or the pets. We're pretty active in walking them together daily. And of course we barbeque and organize fun neighborhood activities (such as bonfires and stuff) in the summer--but we are far from perfect. LOL.

    Interesting post--I enjoyed reading!

    Cheers, Jenn

    1. It was really just a bunch of silliness .. :) But your family sounds just about perfect! :D

      Thanks Jenn! :)

  3. I think I am more the hermit type although we do keep the yard up. LOL I hibernate inside my house and mind my own business. Unless the cops come rushing across the street with sirens blaring and haul someone away with great fanfare, I miss what is happening. Too busy writing and reading in my own little world to pay much attention.


    1. I think I sympathize with that quite well! I stay inside far too much!

  4. We are definitely hermits. Is that a bad thing? I'm not sure...

    1. *shrug* I think it really depends who you ask .. :) I don't think so at all...

  5. Ha! Great post and so true.

  6. Now I'm kinda scared where I fall in.

    The neighbors whose house we skip while trick or treating?

  7. So true! Very well observed.

  8. What a great post Larissa. We keep to ourselves pretty much. It's our neighbors who won't leave us alone! It seems when they have problems (need a ride to work because their car's broken, need a tool, runaway pet) they'll always come to our house for help.

  9. I might be a hermit if I didn't have so may kids and pets all running amok. (They are all active in sports and get excellent grades, though, except the chickens so perhaps that buys me something there.) No—I have to go with hermit, though. Basically, I don't even know if anyone new has moved in. I think I'd have been better off in a rural hut. :)


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