Past Poems.

i used to have this blog .. a long time ago .. in which i would write random little things i didn't feel like publishing for the world to read. so it was just there. no views comments or networking. but i began this nablopomo challenge this year .. accidentally. i had many posts to publish, and before i knew it a week had gone by and i hadn't missed a single day. so now i'm dreading dropping the ball .. so i'm sharing a couple of things from that forgotten blog against my better judgement. they're silly rhyming lines from different moments in my life. . so i guess they count as small stones? i hope so. but if not ..please, just scroll on down for better posts and excuse my silly mutterings.

First Out.

Darting eyes
Fidgeting fingers.
Sweaty palms
Silence lingers.

Open smile
Bottles clink.
Grazing knives
And a Wink.

Rhyming Checkers.

Banana leaves
Avocado trees
Black dog
Mountain fog
Plaid hammock
House of brick blocks
Soaring kites
Christmas lights
Mount's breeze
Silly sneeze
Yellow sun
Hot dog bun
Leaving Brazil
Against my will.


All the words I write.
All the things I say.
Fall to the floor like broken notes.

All the words I don't write.
All the words I don't say.
Stay hidden. Locked up inside. Then fade away
like broken notes.

All the words I wish I had courage to write.
All the things I wish I had the courage to say.
Build up. Mount up. Then break away. like broken notes.


Today I woke up, 
Wanting to hug the grandma at the flowershop, 
Open my windows and shout 
"Good Morning" to the world,
To plant a kiss on the grocer's weathered cheeks,
To run after butterflies, 
To make mud pies, 
To take a sprinkler shower 
To have giggle attacks until I can't breathe.
But most of all, 
Today I woke up wanting to see your smile, hear your laugh, and to be able to hug you one last time. 


I shall be a Dr.Seuss
I shall write of silly shoes
Of people with the blues
Of those that love to snooze
Of kids with green hairs
Of things that come in pairs.

And somewhere in this nonsense
I might find something dense
Because often 'tis in silly trifle things
That life's special treasures cling.


  1. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. Especially the Seuss and Broken Notes ones. Nice work, Larissa and glad NaBloPoMo desperation helped you share them. ;)

  2. Yes, the Broken Notes! Love them all!

  3. I love these, especially the Dr Seuss.

    So glad you shared :-) So, you doing NaBloPoMo again? I wish we had a 5X/week challenge!

    1. Thanks Tania!

      Well .. I guess I am for now! :D Oh boy ... I think a month long one is just about right for me.. :)

  4. Small stones indeed. I love them.

  5. ♡, ♡, ♡ these poems!!!

  6. How can you be so young and so creative and original? These are fantastic.


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