Vancouver LookOut.

 I've been feeling a little nostalgic for summer. Just a little. I know, I know.. it's too soon for that. But still. I found these photos in my picture folder and was reminded that this was supposed to have been a post a long time ago..

 This summer we spent a couple of days in downtown Vancouver for a couple of church meetings being held there... After one of the meetings on a certain Sunday, Victor and I decided to go up to the Vancouver Lookout. The Lookout is Vancouver's version of Seattle's Space Needle and Toronto's CN Tower. It's much shorter than either of those, but you can still see the city. :)

The place where the meetings were held had a great view over looking the harbor. 
Every afternoon we were there cruise ships came and went. It's a busy place bustling with adventure.
Now up we go...
You know those pennies that you have to pay like.. two dollars for? 
You know, those machines in mostly touristic places, that you stick a penny inside 
and then add to that your two bucks and crank the handle and you get a damaged penny? 
One that's basically worthless except for the memories it comes with? Yeah, to  Daddy's great 
chagrin, Victor and I collect those.
And that's the Vancouver lookout everyone! 
It was a fun afternoon and the  kid enjoyed it. So it was worth it. :)
It you're ever in Vancouver and want to see what it looks like from above, that's the safe way to do it!



  1. My son also collects those pennies! HA!

  2. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have always wanted to go to Vancouver! We lived in Vancouver, WA for a while, but that's not quite the same :)

  4. I've never been to Vancouver but I do have family there....I think I'd better get on the phone and pester them to let me visit sometime soon!

    Those pictures are awesome by the way!

  5. We went there in 2009 and loved it!

  6. I never knew Vancouver was so beautiful! You may have just inspired the next Walsh vacation.

  7. Love that picture of the building with trees on top :-)

  8. Gorgeous pictures as always.
    I think those pennies are a great thing to collect!

  9. Excellent photos as always, Larissa. My daughter loves those smushed up pennies, too.


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