November TidBits.

"TidBits from the month before... mostly made up of tweets and random sentences made up of mundane occurrences.. because not all of us have Twitter and sometimes 140 characters is just far too limiting.."

We're listening to a CD and I feel like it's the 50's and we're listening to a Radio Show ... Kinda cool .. ^-^

I just solved three geometry problems. All correct. I feel like superwoman. a genius.

I hate it when I need a drink of water but I'm in my pj's and there are people (and by people I mean not family people) in the kitchen. So I die of thirst rather than change. 

Loved this: NYTimes: After the Storm, a City Full of Stories  The NYTimes gathered a couple of stories after Hurricane Sandy. This is the type of thing I'd love love love to do .. 

Whoa hello there late Autumn! Is it just me or did fall pass by in a blink this year?

Anyone else find Realtors an interesting lot?  (Our Realtor is a great guy and we're having loads of fun with him .. I suspect he's finding us quite the strange lot too ..)

This just happened. Victor bribed me with a pack of sour patch kids into letting him game on my phone. I am weak. He is smart. That's usually how it works, no?

I stumbled upon a "face map" for what your acne is telling you.. basically wherever you get acne it'll tell you what you need to fix in your diet/lifestyle to get rid of it .. The Kid was looking over my shoulder and asked "What about if you get them on your cheeks?" [Where he has recently been surprised to find a pimple or two as a result of preteeness]. "Hmm .. lookout for greasy cellphones and change your pillowcases often. Also you've gotta stop touching your cheeks." I read.. "WHAT?! But my cheeks are the cheekiest cheeky cheeks!" he protested while putting his hands up and squishing his own cheeks.

#FacebookProblems Wished a girl "happy birthday", she answers with "Thanks! Miss you!" I don't remember ever seeing her in person. Girl how you miss me when I don't even know you?

"Sleep, my little one, sleep, my pretty one, sleep." -Tennyson [Tennyson makes my knees go weak]

And tomorrow.. The packing begins! Move No. 13!

The problem with really good Brazilian food.. Is that I eat it. All.

Also, there's a whole batch of tweets on my current obsession going on on Twitter..If you want to find out what that most current obsession is .. Follow Me!

Hope Y'all have been having a wonderful December so far!


  1. My acne tells me I have zits AND wrinkles. Enjoy what you have! (:

    1. Haha... I've been blessed with clear skin, actually. At least that I am free of. (;

  2. I never could do geometry, so i bow to you! Math was my weakest subject but did I love my English classes! i agree that Tennyson will bring me flutters and week knees as well as Lord Byron. Good luck with the packing!

    1. It almost never happens! I can't do geometry either!

      Oh goodness... Tennyson and Byron... I'm turning to mush..

      Thanks Winnie!

  3. We moved 17 times by the time I graduated from high school-- so I understand!
    Someday, I will try Brazilian food.

    1. Oh goodness! You do know! :D Any tips?

      Yes yes yes! You must! I would recommend vegetarian Brazilian food. (;

  4. Good luck packing. I have only moved about three times in my life time and found it was awfully hard work. That is freaky about the acne. I enjoyed reading all your little tidbits!


    1. Thanks for reading, Kathy!

      Moving can be a pain.. but I admit, I always find it fun..! :D

  5. My acne told me that I was completely stressed so to chill out and just accept life the way it is.

    Good luck with the move too :D

  6. Good ones! I like Twitter. Now I wan to come up with something interesting to say on Twitter!


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