January 31, 2012

A Narrative.

Well, I was supposed to write a narrative of a life experience (that had a moral in it) for school. Originally, I was going to send last week's Toonie story. But then I decided I've had more experiences that I need to write down. So I would write it as a narrative, and also use it as a blogpost. (I'm lazy resourceful like that.)

You know what happened then? My mind drew a complete blank. As in
"                                                                                                                       "
 You see the gravity of the situation?

Moral ending. Hum. Does the time I fainted in a store after having left Toronto in the middle of a warm winter of -13 C˚, to arrive in Brazil where it was around 35 C˚, didn't eat breakfast, instead went into the city for a full day of shopping, count as a moral lesson to eat breakfast?

Or what about the time when I made a Twitter at twelve years of age, abandoned it [Thank Providence], and found it again four years later only to panic and delete every single tweet, and the account itself, count as a moral story about how twelve year olds should never-under any circumstance have Twitter accounts?

Maybe I should write about how while trying to rack my brain for something to narrate, I realized I need to allow myself to be more teachable, because honestly, I can't remember any more experiences that have taught me anything. *sigh*

-Fast forward to about an hour later:

"My hear was racing, my palms were sweaty, and I could feel the perspiration on my neck. My knuckles were turning white as I grasped the handles tightly. Surrounding me were various people in somewhat the same situation. I was at the gym. I was exercising. I was feeling good about having gotten off the couch, feeling superior to all the lazy ghosts of my past. I was glad I was finally taking care of my body.

I had led a rather sedentary life by choice. I chose to spend my time with books, computers, writing, cooking, any indoor activity. I was blessed with a somewhat fast metabolism that resulted in me being underweight/average weight no matter how much I eat. Needless to say, I felt no need, nor did I want to exercise.

Eventually, however, I realized that exercise isn't for only those who want to lose weight. It is necessary in order to maintain general health! It is important for my heart, my muscles, my body, that I be active. So I determined I would go to the gym at least twice a week, and swim at least twice as well. I was determined to be more active.

So there I was. In the bright lighted gym on a winter evening. I was ending my gym time with a twenty-five minute round on the spinning bike. As I sat there, "spinning" away, feeling quite ridiculous because I was pedaling and going nowhere, I tried to comfort myself reminding my conscience that it was winter and it was already dark; I would convert to outdoor cycling in the summer.

As the resistance increased so did my heartbeat, breaths became hard to take, and my mouth became parched. I reminded myself such torture was good for my body, and I would someday reap the benefits.

A movement to my right caught my eye. One of the machines closest to the wall was being used. I had never seen that exercise equipment being used before. I had once or twice wondered what it was for. It had no seat, only handles. It was lower to the ground and honestly quite befuddling.

Now its handles were being turned by a man who seemed to be in his early thirties. I understood then why the equipment had no seat. Why it was lower to the ground. Why to me it was quite befuddling. The man was in a wheelchair.

I almost flew over the handles of the spinner as my legs involuntarily quit the spinning motion. I was stunned. This stranger, whose name I don't know, much less his story had in those few seconds, taught me something invaluable.

Seeing him there, at the gym, in his wheelchair, on a cold winter evening, working his upper body, I realized something. I realized that, no matter what we have, no matter what God's granted us to take care of, we must do our best to be good stewards of it. If He has given us money, let's spend it wisely, invest it wisely. If He has given us talents, let's use them to glorify Him. If He has given us health, let's take care of it to the best of our abilities.

That man could, like so many others in his situation, decide to spend his days complaining, groaning, and bemoaning his disability. Instead he decided he would work with what he does have. If he can do that, how much more should I? How much more should I work with what I have. How much less should I complain, groan or bemoan!

No, that individual may not be well known. He may not be on the cover of even the local newspaper, nor were there crowds cheering him on. Even I wasn't brave enough to go up to him and tell him how much simply his presence at the gym was inspiring to me. Yet quietly, there he was working with what he has. I feel each and everyone of us, should do the same. Don't you?"

Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer.

Ever since the first few times I watched "The Sound of Music" as a child, I admired the creativity of that song. Do, Re, Mi. (<- That link is very much worth clicking.) Growing up in a Brazilian home, I was somewhat familiar to the DoReMi concept of music, and this song just helped embed it into my mind.

Yes, I had dreams of picnics in mountains, wearing clothes made from green drapes, surrounded by the six brothers and sisters I'd never have, magically singing the song perfectly on the first try, with a guitar that continued producing music of various instruments even after Julie Andrews had stopped strumming it.

What does this have to do with today's event? Not much. I was scrapbooking [Great way to feel productive while actually procrastinating], minding my own business, when mother calls out to the household, that there are deer outside.

In Toronto, the backyard was separated from miles of Provincial park only by a fence. The deer that lived in the urban forest, had no trouble leaping over the fence to get into our garden, my mother's tulips, etc. Therefore it was no strange sight to see them gracefully sauntering amidst the pine trees.

Here in Abbotsford, we have no idea where they come from. But they're here.

Agh! They're so cute I want to squeeze the fawns!

Anyways, that's what happened today. I've been pouring over text books lately. [And scrapbooks when texts become too much.] But I'll be back next week with better posts. I hope.

January 28, 2012

The Toonie*.

"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:" - Matthew 7:7

Growing up in a Christian home, Christian books were widely and readily available.
One of my favorite collections, was Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories. Every book contains true stories, each with a moral. Children from all over the world would send stories via letters to Uncle Arthur, and he'd publish them in his books.

Countless stories revolve around children who ask God for help to find a lost pet, to heal a loved one, for help getting out of a tight situation, etc. Be it big things, or small things, the children in the stories would always take their desires to God, and He'd listen to them every time.

One particular evening, when I was around the age of twelve, mother took Victor and I to run errands with her around town. As I put on my jacket, I reached into my pocket and felt a toonie*. I was happy, I had found money in my pocket! I kept it in my pocket and would constantly check if it was still there.

Our first stop was the local shoe store, it was small, and we were soon on our way to our second stop. As we entered the second store, I reached into my pocket and realized I had lost my toonie*. Somehow, between jumping around, reaching in and out of pockets, my toonie* had dropped out of my jacket.

While walking around in the second store, I decided I'd try my very own attempt at a "Bedtime Story". If God answered all the prayers of all those kids in the stories, why wouldn't He answer mine? In the stories He'd answered prayers for much bigger things, He could surely help me find my toonie*, right?

I remembered someone had once told me, that God answers our prayers if we have faith He will do so, and I believed God would help me find my coin. It wasn't so much for the money value, I had no need of it, but I wanted to see if the God who answered the prayers of the children in the stories, would do the same for me.

I asked God to help me find my coin. I knew it had to be in the last store we had been in, so all He had to do, was keep it there for me until I got back, and found it. I asked my mother if we could go back to the previous store we'd been in because I had lost my toonie* and I wanted to look for it. She agreed, and soon we were back in the shoe store.

I walked down the carpeted aisles, and searched for my coin. I couldn't find it anywhere, but I knew I couldn't give up until I had looked in every corner. I walked down the last aisle, pushed a few purses aside, and there, pushed aside in the corner, was my toonie*. Safe, hidden, and sound. I reached down, placed it back in my pocket and skipped back out the store and into the car.

I had done my part in praying, I had done my part in believing, God was faithful in doing His part in fulfilling.

Sure it was a simple experience. I wasn't in dire need, nor in danger, nor anything else remotely drastic. But that one episode, has helped me realize, that God is a God of big things, as well as a God of details. Nothing is too big for Him, and nothing is too small for Him.

Since then I've learnt that when we ask God, in faith, He will always answer. Sometimes He says "Yes", sometimes He says "No", and sometimes, sometimes He says "Wait." But, if we're willing to bring all our burdens to Him, God will always answer our prayers.

*A toonie is a Canadian coin with the value of two Canadian dollars.

January 27, 2012

Humor Me Friday.

Here I am, for a fleeting five seconds, just long enough to leave you with these videos,

If that isn't the cutest thing ever, I don't know what is.

This pup, seems to be having the most relaxing day of all. Who says dogs hate baths? I'm not sure this one does. Look at 'im. Looks like he's smiling quite contentedly! 

Happy Friday y'all!~*

January 26, 2012

How to Wear a Scarf - A Tutorial.

Ants have infested Victor's room. He's vacuuming them away. Over the loud groans of the vacuum is heard an evil "Muahahahaha." I think Victor's feeling powerful.


I never considered myself a scarf person. Never. I thought it had no purpose other than keeping me warm, but then it would simply became a nuisance as soon as I stepped outside and began a snowball fight, skiing, building a snowman, and the heat became unbearable. Off went the scarf, wet mittens, all three pairs of socks, all into a heap of soaked annoying winter accessories. And they were ugly.

Then, I was given this scarf.

One year in Ontario, the church youth group was going to perform a winter concert. We were given uniforms- this scarf was included.

I wore it the night of the concert, then it was hidden in the back of my closet for a while. Why? Probably because it is a full six feet long [without counting the little braids at the ends] and 2.4 feet wide. It was quite awkward to wrap it around my neck a few hundred times. I ended up looking like a face poking out of a massive cloth mountain.
Like That ^
 Then the ends would keep falling and I'd strangle myself trying to make the scarf tight enough so the ends would stay. It was chaos, so I didn't bother.

But I did like it. It has sparkle, but not too much, and it's pretty, but also useful in that it is warm. So this winter, I managed to find a way to wear it.

It's not my idea, but I thought I'd share it with you because it's now my favorite way to tie a scarf, and saved me from committing further fashion faux pa like in the above photo.

Step One - [If you have a large scarf like mine, fold it in half.] [If you haven't yanked the tag off yet, fold it in.]

Step Two - [Or Step One if you have a 'normal' scarf] Put it into a U shape.

Because I can, a lot of things in my life, [yes even tying scarves], can lead to stories- fiction or true. So to help me explain to you this tutorial, I'll be making it a story.

"Once Upon a Time, in ScarfAway Land, "

{Set the scarf into a Smiley Face shape.}

"There lived to scarf ends, named Cleo{Left} and Patrick{Right}."

{Cross both scarf ends. Make sure to not make the circle to small but not too big either.}
"One day, Patrick had to leave to the Lower Mainland of ScarfAway Land! Both he and Cleo cried pitifully, for they were to be parted."

{Cross Top Right Scarf End (Patrick) to Lower Left.}

"Then, much to their happiness, it was decided that Cleo was to join Patrick in the Lower Mainlands!"

{Cross Top Left End to Lower Right.}

There they lived Happily Ever After!
The End
{Of the Story.}

{Now, pull the "Cleo" end underneath the circle of the scarf, as in the picture.
Lift the scarf and place your head through the circle!}

{Wear It!}

Reasons I love this method of scarf tying:
  • If you [or any little hands] pull on the ends, you won't choke.
  • It makes my loowwnnng scarf, a joy to wear and not a nuisance.
  • It's prettay!!
  • I can sit, jump, run, be active, and it won't come undone. Yet when I want it off, I just have to slip it off.
Try it sometime, and tell me how it goes!

P.S. Click Here for the original post. You might understand more from their tutorial. 


January 25, 2012

The Sillies.

Every newspaper contains "The Funnies"on certain days of the week. I decided Papa is a Preacher needs "The Sillies."

Honestly our family seems to not grasp the concept of doing things in a normal way, nor do we understand that growing up means letting go of silliness. [Whoever came up with that anyway? We're boycotting it!]

Victor is the silliest in the house. No really. Why are you looking at me like that? Honestly ....


He got bored with his seating arrangement during school the other day, so he fixed it. Mother turns her back for five seconds, and when she turn back around, she finds this.

I told you. No consideration for how things are rightly done!

He's a cheeky kid all right, and I love him for it.


January 24, 2012

Colombia II.

During his previous trip, last year, to Colombia, Daddy was invited to return there this year in order to perform a baptism.

There had been a youth convention there, Daddy preached, he appealed to the young people to give their hearts to Christ, and many of them came forward. For the next few months, they received Bible studies in preparation for baptism. This month, as promised, Daddy returned to Colombia in order to perform said baptism.

Other than the testimonies, experiences, and touching stories he brings back with him, Daddy also brings back photos and the occasional souvenir. [Daddy sorta, kinda, um, doesn't take photos, so for me to be happy and to satisfy my curiosity and photo craving, he ends up asking for photos from attendees who did take photos.]

This time he again brought the 'Bocadillos' that we had enjoyed so much last time, and a friend of ours, Andrew, who is an amateur photographer, was also at the youth convention and was awesome enough to send photos for us to see.

One of the things that strike me about most places Daddy visits, is the children. They're each such cute little blessings with their smiles and bright eyes. I'm glad Andrew captured them so I could share a few photos of them with you.


I suppose that why they call it a camp meeting.

Church music.

During the youth convention, another special event took place, the graduating ceremony of the girl's missionary school. The men in the back will be beginning their missionary training this year.

Choir Practice


Thanks so much for the photos, Andrew.
I hope you all enjoy as much as I did, this little glimpse into a youth convention a few countries away.

Blessings, ~*

January 23, 2012

Monday Mess.

It snowed last week, and you know this because I've been doing the happy dance about that for a disturbing amount of time. Well, I've stopped the happy dance.

Apparently, Abbotsford can take all the rain the skies send her, but it can't take seven-inches of snow. All the snow melted, the ground was frozen, I don't know what exactly happened, all I know is, the water is backing up. In the bathroom. *sigh* The city storm drain was clogged or something, and the city has to take care of it.

It's nasty.

We have to go to the nearest store [just happens to be a Walmart], to use the washroom. I feel redneckville-ish. It seems, however, that we're not the only ones with this problem, plumbing companies are booked 'til nine this evening. In mother's words, "Abbotsford is in chaos." I can think of a few other words for what it's in...

All this of course, results in me getting sidetracked and my schoolwork piling up in a corner. In order to further delay my accomplishing anything today in the ways of education, I decided mother and I needed desperately to go through our suitcases (it's where our clothes are stored for now) (actually Victor and I had dressers in Toronto for our clothes, but mother's dresser in Toronto was too small, so most of her clothes have been stored in suitcases for oh..almost seven years now) and take out clothes we don't need.

We've been through this process several times since we moved, it helps declutter the house. House. Speaking of which, it's upside down with tools, clothes, rugs, towels- a total discombobulation.

Tools. (We initially thought it was a house problem, so dad was trying to fix it. Turns out it's a city problem, there's nothing we can do, the city department is sending out trucks to fix the drains.)

Clothes. Don't ask me what I was thinking when I decided today was a good day to do this. Maybe it had something to do with hopes of clearing closet space for new clothes? :D That'd be nice. 
Victor and I named it the Poop Truck
Well folks, that is that, and that is all. I shall leave you now, and go scrub that bathroom from ceiling to in between tile boards.

Here's to beginning the week right. It can only get more aromatic from here! (Do notice that's a exclamation point not a question mark, Life.)

January 22, 2012

Thumbs Up. Thumbs Down.

It's that time of week again, when the week begins, and you try to leave worrying about Monday for Monday and try to enjoy your Sunday instead. So let's get the week started off with another installment of Thumbs Up. Thumbs Down. or as I normally call it (much to spell check's chagrin), a thumby post: 

  • The brownie batch that's in the oven is probably sinking because of how many times I've opened the oven to check if it's ready. It isn't cooperating.
  • It rained. Our grand total of about seven inches of snow, plus a whiteout for two days, gone- all except for miserable little mounds of tainted snow.
  • I didn't do so well on my History exam.
  • I haven't been swimming in a long time, and I'm out of swimming shape *pout*

  • Brownies!
  • It snowed! Much more than I expected, and I'm really glad of that.
  • My exams are over! Forever! Never doing those again! Whoosh, that's a relief.
  • Victor is reading classics I checked out from the library for him. I'm proud!
  • I got to catch up with Mark Twain this afternoon. [More on him later.]
  • We kept safe throughout the week despite the weather.
Good, outweighing the bad once more. I hope you all had a great weekend. Blessings~*


January 21, 2012


A devotional, told by Daddy, written by yours truly.

"Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days." - Ecclesiastes 11:1

 Sao Paulo with all its crowds, traffic and movement, is the most heavily populated city in Brazil. I had the opportunity of working in Sao Paulo as a Bible Worker for our church in Artur Alvim (a Sao Paulo district).

While in service there, I came into contact with a mechanic by the name of Ademir. We became friends, and our conversations led to Bible studies. However, every time we met for Bible studies, we met at his mechanic shop, for his wife harbored dislike towards Adventists.

After a few visits, and studies, I invited him to attend church. He did. He attended conferences, special meetings, yet due to family opposition and friend's influences he didn't make up his mind to become a member. But he remained friendly towards the church, and kept us in the back of his mind. Soon thereafter, I was transferred to another field, and Ademir and I lost contact.

Fifteen years later, I was invited to hold a conference in Suzano, a town a few kilometers away from Sao Paulo city. As I entered the conference hall, a man approached me and asked, "Do you remember me?" I smiled and answered, "Yes, I remember we used to have Bible studies in your mechanic shop." It was Ademir. He was so happy, and told me he had heard I was to be preaching at the conference, and he'd been waiting for my arrival, looking towards the entrance of the hall, anxiously hoping I'd be the next one to enter. He wanted to tell me what had happened- his story.

He had moved from Sao Paulo to Suzano a couple of years before, and one day, while he and his wife were visiting a neighboring town, they passed in front of our local church. He had, throughout the years continued speaking highly of our church to his wife, and little by little she became less and less prejudiced against Reformers. Now, years later, seeing the church's familiar name, he remarked to her, "Look! That's Brother Eli's church!" He invited her to attend it with him some day.

They attended the church a couple of times, and eventually his wife came to enjoy church attendances, and together, they prepared for baptism. Today both are active members of our church. Especially his wife, who attends more activities, and holds even more offices than Ademir does. In fact, I had the privilege of attending one of the prayer meetings his wife held.

I felt blessed and encouraged to hear his story. Not always will we have the opportunity to meet with the people whose lives we have impacted, but in Heaven, when we get there,  we will meet people who will be anxiously waiting to tell us what happened- their story, and how we had a part in their making it to Heaven. Be it by small acts of kindness, by an invitation to church, by a cheerful smile, by advice, by lending an ear or helping hand, by a book, you will influence people. Let's strive, with God's help, to influence people in a positive manner, so one day, we may meet people who will tell us, how we influenced them to be better versions of themselves.


January 20, 2012

Humor Me Friday.

So, it's Friday. It snowed again last night, and today! was my first time driving in snow, first time driving through slush, first time losing control of the car (for a mere three life changing seconds). It was in the driveway, I was safe, still..it was enough. I finally came into contact with the dreaded effects of snow.

Anyways, usually on Fridays I post a video I came across during the week, that made me smile.
Today I have two.

Because this just goes to prove that dogs are just as agile as cats, and therefore are better than cats, and because it made me grin.

And because honestly, this should be in stores all over the place. Especially in rainy Abbotsford. But no seriously! No stains! I could cook. Wearing white!

Exams for this semester are over, y'all! Back to regular blogging soon! Can't wait.
I wish you all a spectacular weekend, and lots and lots of snow! [provided you keep warm, safe, and happy!]

January 19, 2012

TidBits of January.

Good Thursday Morning!
Today I have a History Exam, so before I go tackle it (sometimes I wonder who's actually doing the tackling), I thought I'd leave a few random snippets of January so far. Most of them are Twitter updates. All of them are random thoughts. None of them are coherent. 
Please ignore the hashtags (yes, I'm that annoying person that has hashtags on her tweets. I'm getting better at not adding those though.) But please feel free to click on the photo links.

Ah the chaos that can ensue when you try to explain to your father how a man can be masculine and beautiful at the same time. 

"good future with paper boat" how does a search like that end up on my blog? Uh..

Normal girls take little bites of food, and play with their food. I just use a fork, and eat it. It's food. I consume. 

Cookie dough. Some is baking, some is chilling, and some is .. is no more. ♥ 

What a girl does on Saturday nights. 

I gave Victor a National Geographic Almanac for Kids for Christmas....now he won't stop spouting random facts. It's cutely annoying.

The laughter of ten year-old boys... 

'I love Edwardian elegance-women have a lot more freedom now, but I think we've lost a bit of our femininity' - Michelle Dockery

There are so many ideas waiting to be found, so many thoughts waiting to be thought.

@BrazilianProbs: When people ask you if you speak "Brazilian" ... no I speak Portuguese. 

'The Greeks figured Cupid as naked, probably because he wears so many costumes, that they could not select a costume for him.' E. Eggleston

Sad is when you write Charlie Brown and people read Chris Brown, or when you write Snoopy, and everyone reads Snoop Dogg. 

Dear 2008 flashback .. thanks for getting "Dragostea Din Tei" stuck in my head again.

There's a blizzard outside.

Dear Abbotsford, Clean the streets already! Sincerely, You might not want me driving around on snowfull streets.

It snowed wonderfully last night;this afternoon Victor bought sparklers. So we had a Snarkler Fest or a Sparklow fest?

Um, no Groupon, I don't want to buy Justin Bieber singing toothbrushes. But thanks. (:

lol. Blogger, let me see if I got that straight: That post has 0 views, but 5 comments. Huh. I might have to have you explain that one to me...

Made Cookies. Burnt cookies. Brother still eats them. He makes my life. 

Has anybody read The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain? There's a reason it was one of his best sellers, if not the best MT seller. I've laughed at least once in each chapter. So happy I put this on my book-list. 

My dear Elle MacPherson, what! was that horrid contraption you wore to the Golden Globes? Honestly?

This line. It giveth me goosebumps of excitement.  (Ben Hur, it's such a great book!)

Are you acquainted with the DPS (Digital Photography School)? If you subscribe to them, they send you e-mail with various helpful hints and inspiration for Photography. Yes. It's pretty awesome!

Next week back to regular, actual, posts! Bear with me for now? 

Has your January been random, or are you sticking to your resolutions and schedule? 

January 17, 2012

I'm Happy, and I Snow Why.

"I'm so happy, and here's the reason why!" IT'S SNOWING!!!!
Nah, no biggie for you probably. But it's just wonderful to me. I hadn't dared to hope for snow here in Abbotsford. I haven't been here long at all, but what was most advertised about the North West, was its milder climate.

Last year we received no more than a bit of white dusting. This December, however, we've gotten a full five inches of snow! (How do I know? 'Cause I went outside with a ruler and measured it, no duh. Pretty accurate too according The Abbotsford Times! Yep, we totally have one of those.)
That's right, Fraser Valley has been hit with mounds and mounds of snow, it has stalled traffic, closed down schools, and nearly sent the whole town into havoc.

Last night, on our way back from the airport, (Daddy's back! More on his trip coming soon), it snowed. The car grunted and squirmed, fussed and complained about having to skid up and down Abbotsford's unshoveled streets. I hope they got the roads salted today. But it snowed on and off all day, and it's scheduled to continue snowing clear into Thursday. I hope the snow does stay on schedule. It's just so pretty!

I love snow. I love summer more, to be sure. But I can't complain about snow. I don't have to deal with it, just take in its glorious, peaceful, beauty. Last night it was so beautiful coming down in huge flakes. We arrived home at about eleven, and I looked up into the darkness. Clumps of snow fluttered down, and I mentally sang "Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes." Because they did. By the time we made it inside from the driveway, we each had a white mantle of snow.

Ready for some Black and Whites?

Last one to freak you out: 

Meet Creepy - the Silly Snowman.

Hope you all had a wonderful Snow day. (Whether you had snow or not.)

P.S. About the title, I do realize I'm horrible at puns, and shouldn't be allowed to make them. I'm sorry for endangering humanity with them. They're not even that punny anyways.

January 15, 2012

Banana Cake.

Is is still Sunday? Hope so. Today (tonight)'s post is a recipe. I never thought I'd make recipe posts, but I suppose you never know. Mother's not one to write down her recipes. She makes them all in her head...then just...you know...makes stuff. You know? I don't. I love following recipes. With painful exactness. Nope, won't be a chef. I can never come up with things on my own.
Anyways, she's great at coming up with new recipes, and this one she's stuck to for a while. Last week she made this banana bread that she calls banana cake and I'm not sure what to name it so it's --- Banana Bread - Cake (I'm biting my lips (fingertips) to control the urge to add a -thingy to the title.)
I don't always eat anything banana-y, but when I do, it's this. I love it, and it has even reached success with a few of my fellow banana disliking friends. Ladies, I give you:

Banana Bread - Cake

2 very ripe bananas (think black spots)
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup + 2 tsp. granulated sugar (Sucanat)*
1 1/2 cup milk (soy milk)*
2 Tbsp. butter (earth balance)*
2 Tbsp. corn starch
1/2 tsp. cinnamon powder
1 tsp. baking powder (aluminum free)
dash of salt

1. Preheat oven to 350˚.
2. Grease baking dish with butter.
3. Slice bananas lengthwise twice, cutting bananas into three slices each.
4. In a small bowl, sift the two teaspoons of sugar with the cinnamon powder, set aside.
5. In a separate bowl, mix all dry ingredients (minus cinnamon and sugar mix).
6. Add the wet ingredients to the dry, and stir until well moistened.
7. Pour batter into the greased dish.
8. Place the banana slices on top.
9. Sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar on top.
10. Bake at 350˚ for 35-40 min. until browned on top.
11. Let cool before serving.

*Ingredients in parenthesis can be substitutes in order to make recipe vegan.

Hope you try it out some time. It's a great recipe for when you have really ripe bananas, but lack the urge to eat them. Make banana bread - cake!
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