June 26, 2012

A Dress.

 This weekend was an absolute blast and a wonderful experience. We're at my father's parent's place now and unfortunately our visit here is already coming to an end. I have so much to write about this little town. It's absolutely beautiful and its people amazing and warm.

 But tonight I want to show you a certain dress. A dress that holds memories and dreams. A dress from the 70's. More specifically, my Aunt Lou's wedding dress. After all these years, her dress has been carefully kept in a trunk full of belongings from another time, another era. A dress that marked an end to life as it was and the beginning to a life richer and even more beautiful.

 In 1979 my Aunt Lou and Uncle Joe were married. 

 Today ... 
I might have had look...

And then a little more than a look...

And Victor might have gotten in the way. ...

And it might just twirl ... 

And have angel sleeves... 

It's a lovely dress with petticoats and gloves and everything. It's lace, it twirls, it's beautiful. This afternoon had hours dedicated to reminiscing years gone by and photo viewing as well as much much eating. It was a delicious couple of hours. 

After 33 years, she still has the dress. After 33 years, she still has the man too! They've lived happily ever after so far, here's to many more years to go ... !

June 23, 2012


 Last Sunday was absolutely gorgeous. It was sunny and the breeze was chilly, but not to the point of freezing your nose.

 We were staying at grandma's house in a city near to São Paulo. Most of our family lives there and Sunday afternoon the house was full. Cousins, Aunts, Uncles (mine and my mother's), grandparents and friends. The house was spilling people out into the street.  

 Then Uncle D. had an idea. The cousins piled into the car and he drove us to a stables nearby. We went horseback riding. 

 It was honestly so much fun and I hope we get to again before we leave.

June 22, 2012

Brazil I.

Just in case you haven't guessed, 

we're in Brazil!. :) 

I'll begin at the beginning, I've been told it's a good place to start..

We left the Vancouver airport a week ago yesterday. Our flight left around six so we were at the airport around five because we had spent the night nearby. From Vancouver we flew to Minneapolis. Then to Detroit. Then it was nighttime and we had a ten-hour flight to São Paulo.

 When we arrived in São Paulo, I still had my wonderful cough and hoarse voice. This combination made me sound like an 80 year old smoker with pneumonia and tuberculosis Emma Stone. (She's much much sexier.) 

 Before we left home, I asked my mother to not tell her mother that I was sick. Why? Well let me tell you a little bit about my family. 

 My mother's mother (Grandma M.) is known for her natural remedies. You've got pneumonia? There's a remedy for that. You've got PMS pains? There's a tea for that. You've got a cold, a migraine, kidney stones, infections, open wounds, whatever? There's a tea, an herb, a mixture, a plant, a something for that. People in the neighborhood come to her every once in a while when someone's sick or simply for a fruit or plant from her garden. 

 My mother's brother (Uncle D.) is the owner of a natural food store chain here in Brazil. You know all those healthy gazillion grain breads, the oils, the teas, soy products, vitamins, supplements etc.? Yeah, he sells those. He knows them. He advocates them.

 His wife, (Aunt L.) just happens to be a nutritionist. Meaning she is on top of my weight, and of course, health in general. 

 My father's brother (Uncle N.) works in one of Uncle D.'s health food store and is quite knowledgeable on what cough syrup is perfect for a certain girl coming from Canada with a silly cough would be. 

 His daughter, (Cousin J.) also just happens to be studying nutrition. 

 Are you getting a clue as to why I might want to keep quiet about the fact that I had been somewhat...ill? But as my mother quickly informed me, with my beautiful Emma Stone voice, it was quite unlikely I would be able to keep my cold a secret. "I'll be quiet then. I won't say a word." I answered her. She laughed. "Then they'll know something's really wrong." I'm still trying to figure out what she was implying...

 So Uncle D. picks us up at the airport and after he's finished exclaiming about our new glasses, he asks me if I have a flu. I stutter and look at the ground then sideways wondering what I could possibly distract him with. He reaches into the glove compartment and takes out a roll of vitamin C's. He throws it to the back. "Take at least one." I sigh .. and then it begins. 

  We stop by a store where he buys a couple of vitamin pills thingies. "Take three of these a day." He says nodding towards the pills. We get home (Grandma M's house) and after all the greetings are through, grandma puts the tea kettle to sing and gets out the propolis. Guess who it's for.

 I sleep all afternoon waking up only for lunch. I don't even remember eating. That night, my little cousin was having a birthday party. I couldn't make it. I was exhausted. Daddy calls to let Aunt L. know we won't make it. Cousin J. and Uncle N. arrive and when they find out we won't be there, he calls. 

Uncle N. "But what does she have?" 
Dad "The flu and she's coughing and really tired from the trip."
Uncle N. "You know, we have some really good cough syrup at the store, it's really strong and it'll get her better in no time. Do you want me to take some over?" 

 Then Aunt M. (mother's sister) arrives. She's kinda the rebel in the family when it comes to healing with natural treatments. "Oh just take her to the walk-in clinic, they'll give her a shot and she'll be fine!"

 After taking my pills, my tea, my syrup, and escaping a shot, I ran away. Away to Grandma L.'s house. Where I've left my cold absolutely alone. It left me too. 

More on a couple of our adventures we've had during our first week here soon! 

That's .. something .. I don't even know what it is ... I drank it though. It seems to be working. Whatever it is...

June 12, 2012

Rambles and Fair-wells.

 I know! I've been MIA .. I have a good excuse though .. wanna hear it? I was sick. As in, I couldn't leave my bed because the earth would spin.. No. I wasn't drinking. Sick as in I couldn't read, write, stare at the computer, sleep or pretty much do anything but stare at my ceiling.

 The last couple of days have been absolutely beautiful outside. In the mid 20ºC's! ... Lovely. Except I was coughing and wheezing under covers with internal fever and a sever migraine. Blah. All better now though! Mostly .. I've just got to get rid of this silly ol' cough.

 This was all a result of not getting enough sleep. You see, we're very excited over here. As I've previously mentioned, we (mother, Victor and I) shall be taking a hiatus. (Daddy shall be taking his work with him.) For oh .. about a month. This means future posts will most likely consist of travel posts read lots and lots of pretty photographs. When I have Internet access, I shall be posting images and little updates of our trip. For the most part, however, I do believe Papa is a Preacher shall be somewhat quiet. I'll be busy doing lots of catching up. And eating. Boy will I eat. This past two weeks I've lost three kilos. Time to find them again!

 Today I've been trying to fit my whole closet into one itsy bitsy little suitcase. *sigh*  It's almost full now and ready to go. I'll add the finishing touches later on in the week.

 Before I say TTFN , however, I'd like to sorta kinda answer the last three prompts I have missed for this month. (I may or may not have sorta kinda remodeled them ..)

Five people who have influenced me and why.

My Father.

My Mother.

My Brother for being the adorable cutey cute cute that he is. For his patience with me. For his dreams and ambitions. For his optimism and believing in himself and others. If you can believe, so can I.

My Uncle, who overcame odds and even though circumstances and life got in the way of his education, became a successful entrepreneur with less than a high school diploma; then went back to school and finished his studies as well as pursued higher education. Because he's a family man. Because he's pretty cool. Because he's my uncle. He has given me advice, he has encouraged me to keep going with my education because he knows what it's like to make it without one, and he knows how much easier it'd have been with one.

 All others in my family, and every other individual out there. We all have struggles, and honestly, we're all just pretty much amazing. We're strong. We go through things. We take it. We each have what we can handle, some more than others, but we're all pretty cool. This includes you. Thank you for being in my life and influencing me.

Describe your most embarrassing moment. 

Too long of a post. I honestly can't chose between the time my wild Brazilian hand gestures while I was speaking sent a girl's paper plate flying across the cafeteria, or the time I fainted at my violin teacher's house when I was nine and all four of her brothers were in the living room staring at me when I came out of it. And then there was that other time when ...

Five pet peeves you have. 

Eating noises / Open-mouthed chewers: I just .. I can't .. *shivers*

People who don't try; who just sit in a puddle and mope and whine. Their whole life.

The Facebook feed fillers. Aw man, come on! If I wanted to see twenty-five photos of lol cats .. I would go to ihasahotdog.com. No really. I would.

Misspellings. Cruel plagues of my life.

Bad or no Internet connection. Low battery. Full camera card. Store-bought bread and cookies. You know .. serious things.

And with this lengthy post I shall leave you all until I have ample time and Internet connection. I'll be updating my Twitter more frequently, so if you tweet, I'm over @TheGirlWrites.

TTFN and don't miss me too much, I'll be back. (:

Aww man! I just remembered I haven't packed my shoes yet! How will I ever fit it into ... Aw man!

June 9, 2012

Jobs, Dreams, Passions.

Today's post is in answer of yesterday's and today's prompts: Dream Job and Five Passions. 

 My passions and my dream job(s) are somehow intertwined. I suppose that's to be expected is it not? Actually what is passion? Dictionary.com defines it as a strong feeling such as love or hate. Those are  feelings and words that are not to be taken lightly. Passions . . .


 I began writing a whole post on why these are my passions and how they tie into my dream job, but it began to creep me out because it sounded like some form of autobiography and to me autobiographies and biographies mean the person is dead. Don't ask. I don't know why.

 So I'll save that post for some other day and tell you plain and clear what it is I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a housewife. That's it. That's my ambition. I dream of family, I dream of sticking it through the happy times, and through the not so happy times. . .

 But there are also other dreams, dreams I am working towards. A dream in which words are met with actions to provide help, hope, love and support for the hurting, the confused, the lost. A dream in which teens that haven't had it so easy will be given the resources, the option, the ability to reach higher and go further. In which they will be reminded that their past doesn't have to equal their future, much less do their parents or sibling's failures and pasts have to be their own.

  I have written, I have talked, I have used words. One day, I hope to be able to use actions too. I'd like to begin a mission with the sole objection of treating teens as who we are- adults in the making. We have responsibilities, but we also have the right to respect. We can and do make mistakes, but we also have to pay the consequences like everyone else does. We have potential, we have abilities, we have to use them. I want to be there to help you realize that, to help you set and achieve your goals. That's mine.

 These are dreams. These are ideas. Yet what I strive to put as number one on my list of dream jobs and passions, is whatever it is God has planned for me. Wherever He sets my eyes, wherever He opens doors, wherever He places me. I'll place God in the beginning .. and He'll figure out the ending.

June 7, 2012

Tough Stuff.

"What was the hardest thing you've been through?" Yeah. That was today's post prompt. I'm not sure I can answer this one, but I'll try.

 I can say that I have been blessed and looking back there isn't one thing that pops out as the toughest thing I've ever been through. My family in general is healthy, alive and well. I have all four grandparents including a great-grandfather. My mother's brother died when I was still a baby, so I can't say that affected me as much as it did my parents. Nobody lives in a sea of roses (which by the way never made any sense to me. I kind of think roses stink and I wouldn't want to swim in their thorns), but I've had it good.  I confess.

 I suppose, if I had to point out a tough time, it'd be when we moved from Texas to Toronto. I couldn't understand the why's; I don't believe I really wanted to understand. I enjoyed self-pity.

 Moves are exciting when they're over, but still to this day I can't say they're particularly fun no matter what I've left behind. It definitely has its upsides, and I don't regret our moves, but I'm supposed to pick something that I've been through that I didn't particularly enjoy. I suppose this would be it. Having all four grandparents, but living so far away. Holding my baby cousins in my arms one visit and watching them head off to first grade the next.

 I'm not complaining, I know I have it easy. It's just never fun to say good-bye and come back to a rainy place with unfamiliar faces and seeds to sow without promise of a harvest.

 But this month we'll be saying hello to our loved ones. I won't dwell on having to say good-bye. That time will come soon enough.

 Funny isn't it? How good-bye is the thing that categorizes most of the tough stuff in life ..

June 6, 2012

This Makes Me Happy.

Five things that make me happy right now:
  1. Cookies. 
  2. Our trip to Brazil coming up in about a week. 
  3. Reading Alice in Wonderland for the first time.
  4. Receiving posts for my "school posts" project.
  5. All of your nice comments on yesterday's post. Victor's feeling much better. 
And as a bonus:
    6. C.S. Lewis quotes ... such as:

Source: Uploaded by user via C. S. on Pinterest

Source: Uploaded by user via C. S. on Pinterest

If that doesn't make you feel loved, I don't know what would .. (:

Good night y'all ... ~*

June 5, 2012

Shh! He's Asleep.

That's how he's been all day. The flu has been circling the house this past week and Victor finally caught it... I've fed him cantaloupe while he chewed with eyelids closed. Dad has cuddled, mom has cooked special soups and "sick day" foods ... 

It's been kinda quiet here today .. .

Today's post prompt was to write ten things I would tell my sixteen year old self. Been there, done that. Oh, and Bianca commented on that post so .. I'm cool. 

June 4, 2012


 Yesterday's blogging prompt was to write about my relationship with my parents. I think it's safe to say if you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know that our relationship can be described in a few words: close, wonderful, loving. If you haven't been reading for a while, click on the Our Story tab and you'll know everything.

 So instead, I shall post about yesterday. Yesterday was Victor's first recital. He has been enrolled in violin classes for a while now and yesterday, right before his classes finish for the summer, he participated in the music school's annual recital.

 He was nervous, of course, but in the end the jitters were for nothing as he did super well.

 I apologize for the quality of the phone camera photos and the video that was cut in half. That's what happens when I hastily explain camera settings and cellphone cameras to a parent versus thorough explanation. I figured these photos and half a video were better than nothing, however.

With the other participants.

Checking out his certificate.

With his teacher, Mrs. Ulie.

He played and I accompanied on the piano. 

 That was what we were up to yesterday. I'm sure he learned a lot and the recital was a great experience for getting used to performing in front of an audience.. We had lots of fun and enjoyed it .. all of the performances were wonderful, but I might be a little biased on which one was the best..

June 2, 2012

Three Fears.

Second post in a series. Please read this post beforehand. No really, I'm just rambling about me in this post, that post is about you. Please check it out?

Second prompt for the month, is for me to

"Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears."

 The Fear: All things horror, thrillers, paranormal.. 

 Apparently a study came out which stated that women enjoy horror movies more than men. I am most definitely an exception. I do not enjoy being scared or losing my sleep or having nightmares, at.all. I am easily impressed, as in affected deeply or strongly, by those types of things. Some people enjoy having their imaginations teased like that. I do not. And I'm not talking just about Dawn of the Dead, American Psycho, or I don't know, whatever you consider a top horror movie. I mean Jaws, CSI, Prison Break and even some episodes of HOUSE or Grey's Anatomy. Sorry McDreamy.

 The How:
 No horrific past experience, no other reason than I was simply born that way. I feel life has enough sorrow and horrific things and stories. I'm drawn to uplifting things. I'm sorry, but I don't consider CSI uplifting; in fact, I'm pretty sure it would make me an agoraphobic for sure. I know, lame. *shrug*

The Fear: Being Alone..

 Sure. I can deal with alone time. In fact I crave it sometimes, and oftentimes thrive on it. When it's an option. I don't believe anyone actually enjoys being alone. Nobody to talk to, no one to go home to, no one. I love my family and to one day not have them is something I don't enjoy dwelling on. I need them.

The How: 

 Aren't we all just built like that? Some of us are more solitary than others, yet all of us crave some form of human companionship and interaction? I've never really been good at explaining things. Yeah, I die a little of a lot when I see "Explain" at the end of a question on a test.

The Fear: Being misunderstood.. (or talking without thinking in general..)

*sigh* I word things badly, and they come out wrong, and three hours later I smack my head and think..."That was not how that was supposed to have gone ... " And most of the time, it's my fault. I don't mean to hurt, but I do. It's not always "Not what you say but how you say it." There's a lot to what you say too. I'm learning..

The How:

 One of the first times I can remember when I said something without thinking without any intention of being mean at all, was oh, at least six or seven years ago. (I have a terrible memory, but it's really good at remembering embarrassing situations in my life, and trust me, I have plenty. I'm a klutz with actions and speech.)

 Anyways, onto the story, my best friend's older sister had a friend over one time. This friend was super tall, blonde, and beautiful. However, she was at least a foot taller than the rest of the girls in our little group of five. Late at night we were all gathered in the older sister's bedroom, and somehow the conversation turned to height. I began rambling about how I wanted to be tall, but not too tall. In my mind, this was in no way offensive. I was the tallest in my classes when I attended public school; people often predicted I would be really tall, and I was thought that was great. In my mind I was simply imagining what it'd be like being tall, not so tall, hmm, I don't want to be short, but maybe not so tall I look down on men's heads, and so on...

 As I rambled and twirled in an office chair, I'd catch a glimpse of my friends behind the tall friend, motioning for me to stop. As in, on their knees on the bed, eyebrows arched, pleading look, and motioning for me to stop by sweeping their hands across their necks, and mouthing STOP. I continued spinning totally missing the point, almost stopping and being all, "What?!" Dense much? Eventually tall friend spoke up, "So, what do you mean you don't want to be too tall?"

 Ohhhh!!!! I get it now...

So ... um ...  I've had enough of that, I've been working on thinking faster than I speak.

June 1, 2012

Thirty Days & New Projects.

 I vowed I'd never be one of those people who constantly starts things and leaves them halfway through. Wells, 2012 has seen me start up and leave off quite a couple of projects. (Such as the letter characteristic posts that never made it past .. x?) It shames me, but doesn't deter me. I'm giving it up for another project. A few more actually.

 One of the projects I'm introducing today is a project I'm going to be participating in with Kassie from A Life List. We're following a set of of "30 prompts." She explains in this post.

 The first prompt is to list 20 random things about myself. However, I have recently listed 22 things about myself in two almost consecutive posts and do not feel comfortable boring you with more.. so I will skip this one and will, instead introduce you to yet another project, because, as I recently told a friend, this is my last summer as a minor and therefore I am allowed to break the rules because, you know, kids.

 Oh, by the way, Kassie posted her first post today, pass by and get to know her a little better. (:

 The second project has much to do with you. In fact, it is mostly about you. It won't take long for me to explain.

 Do you remember school? Such a sweet time ago? What was it like? What are some of your memories? Are they good memories? Are they bad memories? What year waves and hollers at you from the crowd of twelve or more years of schooling you had? That first image that pops to mind when you click on the "School Years" folder? Did a particular teacher make a difference?

 This is what I'd like to know. This is my new project. One of the few times I have been brave enough to ask for audience participation. I'm asking you to write me an experience you had during school. Good, bad, happy, sad. (Doesn't have to rhyme.)

 If you give me permission and e-mail it in ( the girl writes @ hotmail . com) I shall feature your post on the blog. Every month I will feature one post linking back to the author. So what do you say? Are you in? Will you help me on my newest creation?

Help a sister out! (Yeah, another something on my list of things I've always wanted to say.)

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