November 30, 2012

Humor Me Friday.

And another installment of Humor Me Friday to wrap up this month's NaBloPoMo! 
I'd love to take it up again next month, but I have we'll see how it goes...
But this month was super fun and I'm glad I did it; thank you all for reading along. :) 

For now: 

...Yes. I live in Canada. Of course I speak French! .. duh!.
(This picture sums up my French speaking skills quite well.)

Life's favorite Element.

This is my sense of humor summed up in a dinosaur's silliness.. 

Completely right. Hand over the money .. or get yourself a secret bookshelf!

Ever been this happy?

*giggles* He was always my favorite...

Happy Weekend Y'all!
And don't forget to link up! :D

November 29, 2012

TidBit Thursday.

I'm actually in the middle of studying for a Physics test, but I just remembered today's TidBit Thursday. I again apologize and realize I have a seriously hard time remembering that today is not Wednesday. I mix these two up ... quite often. Anyways.. I'll be back later and will be excited to check out everyone's posts! Thank you all for coming!



November 28, 2012

If You Give a Little Love.

This week I saw this video (below) floating around in my Facebook newsfeed. I rarely watch/click on things people share because one thing leads to another and your time is just consumed into a big dark black hole after that first click and although it can be fun to see where the rabbit whole leads. . .. well .. . there just isn't time. But the title to this video caught my attention and the date it was posted was marked as my birthday so .. I mean come on .. it had to be good right? And it was.

It reminded me of a paragraph I had written for English class a couple of years ago and I hope you won't mind me recycling a former piece written for English class. .. it's light and simple and ok .. maybe a bit cheesy, but in the words of someone that I can't remember, "we all need a little cheesy from time to time.." (or was it cheese? whatever.. .I adapt things...) I hope you enjoy... (:

P.S. It might contain a couple of made up words .. I really don't know how that affected my grade, but I can only guess.. since you (hopefully) won't be reading this with a red pen in hand, just please humor my crazy dictionary. ..

''Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.'' - Galatians 6:7

When the apostle Paul penned the words, '' Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap,'' he was telling us a great truth. Although it could be applied to bigger and more serious things and life-threatening decisions such as: committing a crime and serving time, making poor lifestyle choices and provoking diseases, denying God and not partaking of the blessings He can offer, but it may also be directed to the more inconspicuous things in life, for example, a smile. Someone once said that kind deeds are like water rings formed after a pebble is thrown on a lake, the water ripples and the rings get larger and larger causing more and more ripples reaching broader diameters. So it is with a smile. Let's follow a smile as it makes its way around for a day, shall we?

 Walking down the street on her way to school on a rainy day, Sally smiles at a woman waiting at the bus stop. The woman, surprised, doesn't smile back. She had had a tough time getting up that morning and had burnt her tongue on her tea, but as she arrives at work, she realizes her mood has been changed by that girl's smile, so she in turn smiles at a co-worker. His morning has been paperful, but he dutifully smiles back. Little does he know that because of this woman's smile his morning has become brighter. He whistles on his way to lunch and smiles at the frenzied waitress. She is new at this cafĂ© and has given the wrong change twice this morning, but because someone took the time to smile, she felt reminded that things would be OK. Hopeful again she smiles at a client. 

 The client, a mother of twins, relaxes enough to smile at the twins as she hands her children their lunch. The twins enter daycare flash a smile at their caretaker, brightening her bustling afternoon. This caretaker gets home with a child's smile in her heart and smiles at her neighbor. Her neighbor has just gotten home from a long day at the office and has stepped in a puddle. He is tempted to look at the unfortunate step in a different light and chuckles. Entering his home he smiles at his wife. His wife has had a full day, but she smiles back and carries the feeling into the next morning where she smiles at her daughter.

 Her daughter happens to be Sally. Sally has just taken a look at her report card and although she has tried her best, her grades have not improved and she feels pretty low, but because smiling is contagious and one smile makes the next easer, she smiles back. Her spirits being lifted she has a good night's rest and the following morning at the bus stop, she again smiles at a lady at the bus stop. So the cycle repeats itself, affecting more and more people each day.

 No, Sally didn't sow much. But she reaped something she needed– a smile. Sometimes we sow things, and we reap the results right away, and sometimes we reap them later on in life, or someday in Heaven we will reap the aftermath of our actions. But do sow acts of kindness! Because "what goes around, comes around." So why not let good come around to you today?

November 27, 2012

To The Mean Girl Who Made Me Cry.

 To say I never cry would not be entirely true. I do cry. Quite more than I care to admit, see. But I never cry in front of others. Ever. I lock myself in bathrooms, wait 'til everyone's asleep, bite my lip and think of hundreds of scenarios other people are going through that are thousands of times worse than whatever it is that's making me want to spill over. Recently it's been getting harder and harder to keep a stiff upper lip, I don't know, maybe it's something that comes with age, you get more sensitive and more things get to me. Who knows? It's probably against my philosophy to admit to you that I cried today, but I'll blame it on fried brain cells and ask you to forgive me and possibly never mention it again. Deal?

 Today was not one of my best days. You know how those days begin.. My alarm didn't go off; I woke up later than I was supposed to.. .then I spent the bigger part of the day hassling with a Geometry exam. Geometry isn't my strong point (understatement) and with two geometry classes a day it's hard to cram information fast enough, but if I take my time, I can do better. So there goes my morning. In the afternoon two days of school are on the menu and off I go ... 

 Then there was the dreaded part. Almost more dreaded than tackling a Geometry exam. Driving practice. You see I only have a permit. I've had it for a while, but I've yet to pass my road test. I did it again, a week and half ago.. and I failed. Again. I'm not used to failing. I never fail something I prepare for. Something I really want. Never. I don't ever remember failing at something after I'd really committed and determined I would pass. Ever. Until my road test. With every failure, I feel myself dragged lower and lower. I didn't pass because I missed one thing. I hesitated on a turn. They're right. I was wrong. I understand, a moment of hesitation at an intersection can cost a life. I get it. But it doesn't make me feel any better.

 And then today, I practiced my turns right before music class. So up and down the streets I went, left, right, stop at the light, look for pedestrians, stop, right, go, enter... I could say Abbotsford's streets are narrow, and busy, and it was dark and all the headlights confused me, it's true too I suppose, but I get it, I was wrong. I didn't see you. I should have checked a second time, in case someone was coming fast and I hadn't caught you the first time. Like you were. I get it. I went when it wasn't my turn. But I let you pass, I stopped when I saw you, you were fine, you had plenty of room, and I did see your screams and hollers the first time. You didn't need to wait for me to catch up and scream at me again. Honest. I knew I was wrong, and I meant it when I apologized time after time until you were satisfied and pulled away. I can't promise you it'll never happen again, it wasn't like I did it on purpose and perhaps someday I'll miss again, but I can promise I'll try to never do that again. 

 Maybe it wasn't a big thing, and you will never think of it again, but for me, that was the last straw, so the tears rolled down, and there were no blankets or bathroom doors to hide behind. So I tried to divert my attention, and it worked in my head, but the tears continued to roll down quietly one after the other unbidden. Great. The dumb music room is really bright. The dumb tears leave stains. People will see. Today was a dumb day and you didn't make it any better. 

 But you know what mean girl? I guess I ought to thank you. You'll make me a better person because of this. 'Cause when I get my license (which I will. Maybe not soon, but someday I will.) I'll try my best to remember to not be like you. And when a learning driver doesn't see me coming and starts turning, you know what? I'll wait for them too .. but I'll tell them it'll be ok.. and that they'll get there .. and it's all going to be fine because things like that happen all the time, but it's all good 'cause noone was hurt. And stuff happens. 

 And you know what else mean girl? Maybe I scared you, and I'm sorry I did. Maybe somewhere out there you're blogging about how "some dumb girl freaked me out and people should really stay home if they can't drive." But I won't. I'll go out and I'll learn to drive and I'm sorry if I had to scare you like I did in the process. I did not mean to. 

 So everyone out there, if you're ever tempted to scream at somebody for their bad driving, no matter what the stupid thing they did, please take a moment to consider if maybe your words won't be just the ones they need to send them over the edge. I'll be alright, I can let the tears roll, rant on the internet and soon I'll be just fine. But maybe others won't .. that whole "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" couldn't be further from the truth ... physical bruises heal, some words leave immortal wounds. Maybe the words you scream out in a flash of anger because someone didn't give their signal (something that makes me upset) or execute some other bad driving skills, will stick with them for a long time and affect their day in ways you can't even imagine. I'm not going to make a habit of posting rants on the blog. Promise. Just this one. Just tonight. Because it's not just about me, but it involved you and others we can affect. 

 Oh and mean girl, just one more thing...

"Someday, I'll be living in a big ol' city and all you're ever going to be is mean ... "

November 26, 2012

Loose Ends.


1./Nothing like warm homemade pita bread./ 
2./A year later and we're finally getting settled. Both Victor and I have resumed our music lessons./
3./I absolutely love these tin cookie boxes./
4./We've been having sunny days this week and I couldn't be more grateful./
5./No snow for Abby. The brown leaves continue their reign./
6./Spooky faces./
7./This month flew by over here./
8./Red pearls./

November 25, 2012


I wasn't in your past,
Maybe I won't make it into your future
Neither will you be in mine,
But while we share the present,
Let's make it worth it.

Right now we share the present,
The gift.
Let's make it memorable.
I want to make you better in it.

You share the present with someone.
Will they better from it?
Make sure that they can look back on the current present,
When it becomes the past,
With fondness.

The minute we shared together,
Was second upon millisecond racing to become our pasts,
But I remember.
For always, the present we shared.

November 24, 2012

Small Stones - November 24

Lots of fear. 
Unfamiliar feeling.
It doesn't taste good.

Creamy Coconut.
Really sweet.
Birthday cake.
Tastes very good.

Compass and Calculators.
Compositions and Book Reports.
Semester Exams and Finals.
Almost Almost Done.

Black and White.
Coming together. 
Happy Harmony. 
Recital practice.

Winter. Spring.
Summer. 2012.
Fall. Winter.
Almost Over.

November 23, 2012

A Mother's Note.

Last year on my birthday, my mother wrote a short paragraph and I posted it on the blog.
This year, she came up with another note to post so I would have the day off  from blogging.
So with "sweating eyes" I typed it out and am posting now. I love my mother. I love my family.
And this, is what I'm thankful for.

Today Larissa is turning eighteen.
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank God, the Creator, for giving us Larissa. 

 Every year as Victor and then Larissa's birthday nears, my mind begins to wander back through memory lane. I remember the day of their birth, their first tooth, their first words (which were never a problem for Larissa. When she was two she could speak all day, asking questions or just talking. Sometimes I could still hear her voice in my head at night while trying to fall asleep.) 

 Today I want to share this little moment that happened when Larissa was around three years old. My husband was leaving home on one of his missionary trips; we knelt down to pray (we always pray together before he leaves); when we finished praying, Larissa was drying her eyes with her hands. Before I could say anything, she said "My eyes are sweating." She was trying to be strong for us even though she was sad that her Daddy was going away. 

 Today is a very special day in your life, Larissa. I want to thank you for being who you are, for persevering, for fighting for your goals I know many times with "sweating eyes". Thank you for the eighteen years of happiness you've brought to our home.

 My wish for you is that the Lord fulfill in your life the purpose He has for you.

Happy Birthday!

Brazil 2012

November 22, 2012

TidBit Thursday.

Time to link up again! Much much has been going on around here lately and I can't wait to do a roundup post around .. mid December. We'll have lots of news to tell, but you know how it goes when you have good news, it's best to let everything be certain before letting the cat out of the bag. (Obviously I have a really hard time with this hence this unnecessary teaser paragraph. Bear with me, please.)

Can't wait to see what you've been up to this week, so link up with your favorite post of the week, (like I've said before, it doesn't have to be a special round up post full of tidbits {totally could be; we love those}, but just a post you'd like to share. That way everyone leaves their "tidbit" and boom, we've got a "tidbit" party.)

Thanks for joining everyone! You make my Thursdays!




November 21, 2012

There Once Was a Little Book.

There Once Was a Little Book.

There was once a little book,
Who lived in a tiny, dusty nook
Worn and showing age,
Right past the entryway of the Children's Orphanage.

Children passed by his shelf day after day
As they came home after school to play.
No one ever payed him any mind,
Him with his yellowing pages and tired bind.

He ached to be picked up, opened and read,
But the children preferred video games and movies instead.
Yet day by day he awoke full of hope and with a bright smile,
Sure that today somebody would pick him from that dreary aisle. 

He remembered not too long ago, he had been the center of attention, 
The coveted item of all children, held as the highest invention.
He wouldn't have minded sharing his children if only
One or two still loved him; if he hadn't been left all alone and so lonely. 

He waited patiently each day, for all the toys to be chosen and taken away.
Now he'd be the last one on the shelf. He'd hear steps coming his way
"Today will be my day for sure!" he'd say with a contented sigh.
Then the steps would leave just as soon as they'd come. The little book would cry.

One afternoon, our little book noticed something was not the same.
As the children gathered together for a game, 
The little book looked around at each of the girls and boys.
He noticed a different one looking down at him, no not another toy!

This boy with his green eyes and dark hair,
Picked him up and answered his prayer. 
Our little book was opened and read.
He was loved and taken up to the little boy's bed. 

The little boy laughed as he read and said, "How wonderful is this book!"
The other children heard and hurried over to have a look.
Now everyone wanted to read the little book and discover the magic he had inside. 
They laughed as they discovered the stories, and the little book smiled oh so wide. 

November 20, 2012

In Real Life.

Today Papa is a Preacher will be switching blogs with In Real Life
Meaning, we're being featured there, and Emma-lee will be featured here. :) 
So without further-ado, please meet Emma-Lee.

Hi everyone! I'm Emma-lee, and I blog over at In Real Life. This is the first time I've ever been featured on someone's blog (thank you Larissa), so I'm kind of just playing it by ear. But, to give you a bit of a look at what I write about, and what reflects my work I'm just going to tell you some things about myself. Here we go!

 I love everything crafty, and artsy. You can often find me drawing, or being creative somewhere. You'll definitely find a lot of stuff like that on my blog too. I am a daughter of God, and I belong to my amazing earthly family of 9. My younger siblings and I are all homeschooled. And I am blessed to have been the guinea pig of the family, the oldest child. So I turned out a bit strange, being the experimental one. But it seems as though they didn't have too many regrets, because there's been 6 more since me. So on my blog you'll find a ton of pictures of kids (my wacky family) and just what life is like in our busy household.  I also really try to inspire my readers with photos, quotes, and Bible verses every so often. I think it's really important to keep your ideas fresh, and keep the doors of your mind open always, so that new dreams, ideas, and plans can get in. I'm not a pet person though, so you won't find any adorable photos of my dog wearing his Halloween costume. :(  No pets. But I do have a quite extensive collection of cute baby photos. So if your interests include Music, Art, Crafts, Photography, my Life (because it's just so interesting), or randomness. Please come on over and stalk me! But let me know, so I can stalk you back. Just go here to follow a non-creepy way of course, and read more about me here.

Thank you so much Larissa for featuring me! It sure was fun :O)


It was great to have you Emma-lee! Thanks for guest posting today!
If you'd like to be featured, e-mail me at { the girl writes @ hotmail . com } for details.

November 19, 2012

Fort Days.

This past summer Victor and the neighbors' kid made a fort out of a couple of cardboard boxes we had from our move.. and tooth picks, scraps of rope, and lots of glue gunning. 

They spent several days building it and then playing with it for weeks with their Lego men...
Now autumn is almost over and between school being back, newspaper routes to be..routed, and the cold settling in, the fort has become a bit derelict and its roof has begun to sag.. 

I decided I'd document it before its inevitable collapse to the forces of winter weather:
Frosty kept them company throughout the summer..

This fort's all cool and has computers and desks and techy stuff in the tower.. 'cause towers to hold princesses are like.. "so silly."
Robo the Robot .. {I named it..*happy dance*}

Military Truck 
{There's probably a more specialized name for this.. But I am clueless.}

Good-bye Fort Days .. 
I hope you'll come back next summer.. reminding me of my old forts .. the ones with a Repunzel named Rebecca who wore ballet slippers and rode a horse off into the sunset to capture Indians .. because yes. because childhood. because Fort Days.

November 18, 2012

And Another.

Last week, Anne from Is Anyone There was super sweet and awarded Papa is a Preacher an award.
This one is called "The Addictive Blogger Award."

See? It's like .. legit.
The rules for this one are quite simple. In short I have to tell you a bit of why I began blogging .. and then pass the award along to five other bloggers. Well, I don't really like to be redundant, so I shall simply direct you to a post where I disclose the story of how Papa is a Preacher came to be ... 
Here it is! Click Here for Awesomeness. 

Now I shall pass on this award to five fellow bloggers.
  1. Emma-lee at In Real Life, a fellow homeschooler and blogger from Canada!
  2. Fabrizia at FabTwigs, in love with her bedroom makeover post.
  3. Amber at Just Ordinary, welcome to the blogging world. :)
  4. Bethany at The Erratic Muse, because yes!
  5. And you! Because it's not fair that some stories don't get told. I want to know why you started blogging. So if you haven't already been awarded this ... award. Or if you haven't already blogged about why you began blogging, please feel free to take this award and link up in the comments. I'd love to know. :)

Thanks for the chance to play Anne! 

November 17, 2012

Write it Down.

Earlier this week I came upon Something Charming's Write it Down and Link Up linkup party.
I thought it was beautiful idea and was excited to try it and was super happy that she had extended the challenge so that I could join .. 

The rules were simple, the goal clear. 
Goal: Show what our handwriting looks like.
Rules: Handwrite our name & signature, 
blog's name and our location,
and favorite quote/song lyrics.

so yesterday I threw something together before sunset and now I'm throwing this post together to make it just in time for the closing of the link up.

My handwriting has always been crazy crazy. My mother used to take great pains to make me practice my penmanship and when we began homeschooling with a fixed curriculum, she was delighted to find out Penmanship was included. Me? I hated it. I've always despised my handwriting, but recently I've come to accept it and even find it amusing. It does this weird thing where it starts out as print and ends up as cursive with print letters thrown in. I have about four versions of l's that pop out throughout my paragraphs and it's all quite .. crazy. But here it is, see for yourself...

(P.S. I should add I've been very grateful for the years my mother and homeschool curriculum spent emphasizing cursive; during the SAT's you have to write a small portion in cursive and while the rest of the test takers took five minutes and had to ask for certain letters to be written on the board, I was done in 30 sec. and had an extra 4 1/2 minutes to tie my stomach up in knots, then try to comfort myself in thinking that, if I was prepared even for handwriting a sentence, I could take on the rest too... The things we tell ourselves..)

Then I asked my mother to also participate .. because if you remember, she has adorable handwriting:
Thanks mommy .. :)

Write it Down

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