December 31, 2012

That End-of-the-Year Post.

Happy New Year's Eve Everyone!

Settle in because this is going to be another roundup/let's look back typical end of the year post!
I always enjoy these because it brings back memories from the year and kinda gets me excited for the year ahead. So far it seems it will be an exciting year full of new things and many changes. The last couple of months have kind of given us hints as to what 2013 will be like for our little corner..

 Most of the things that have recently come to be, I didn't exactly blog in depth about because they all happened at once, and I didn't want to blog about them before they happened because I didn't want to write about them 'til they had really happened.. you know, just in case they didn't. Many of these I have spilled out on either Twitter, Instagram, Facebook..(or all three!) 

 Most of the things I will share are quite exciting and will bring changes and so many new adventures..! For example:

 around early November I got accepted into my first choice university; (hip-hip-hooray) 

then late November I turned 18 (the age I dreamed of reaching since I was eight.. seriously.. why?); 

throughout all this we were house-hunting and around the second week of December we finalized the details and moved into our new home

the day after we moved in I had my *coughs* fourth *coughs* road-test and passed, (thank the Good Lord because I was already getting quite depressed); 

that week I also finished my battle with high-school and won! I had been (as several recent posts had complained about stated) rushing and having to do two days worth of school in one day so that I would have done two weeks worth of school in one. I have no idea whose crazy idea that was (mine. mine. mine. unfortunately all mine.);

 That was pretty much it for November-December's big events. They seem few on "paper" but they're each monumental to us and have ended 2012 with a lot to do and many shivers of excitement for 2013.

 Except for one more thing. This November/December marks a year since I began taking blogging seriously. It was November of 2011 when I stumbled across BlogHer and participated in my first NaBloPoMo. It has been a year since I stumbled across many of the blogs that I still visit today and a year since many of you that I consider my blog friends, first found me and we began this wonderful blogging community. (Or at least since I became a part of it.) I just want to end 2012 on a note of gratefulness. I am so beyond grateful for each of you that comment, that follow along, that share, that read (even those I don't know the name of or ever hear from, I know you are there and I appreciate you so much. Throughout this year I've come across friends who have mentioned they read my blog and I honestly had no clue; I am so thankful for you all–the commentators and networkers as well as the silent appreciators.) So Thank You. Each and every one of you. For linking up for TidBit Thursdays, for telling me you love Object Silliness and Humor Me Friday posts, for nudging me to do another And The Wind Blew Her Hair post (working on it I promise!!), for the support during my features, for writing, for reading, for being there:
Thank you.
I wish you all the best in 2013; please don't take offense when I say
I pray God blesses you in ways you can't even imagine this year; I pray your trust in Him increases a hundred-fold; I pray that your faith never leaves you (or vice versa); I pray that you may be happy and healthy in this New Year.

Oh ... and to 2013 I say.. BRING IT!

Highlight Reel of 2012 with Papa is a Preacher:

We participated in the Leap Blog Event and had our first guest post!

I took my SAT's. Twice.

My parent's celebrated their 22nd Anniversary!

We fulfilled my mother's dream of visiting a tulip field. Absolutely stunning!

And then I couldn't write about love.

I continued my interviewing project and interviewed Paper Nation and Agápe Bridal.

I got tagged. And then again because I stink at tag and can't run. We also received a couple of awards and were featured a couple of places!

Victor had his first recital! And his second!

We traveled to Brazil, Virginia, Whistler, saw a couple of places in Vancouver and Seattle.. and traveled a bit!

 I had fun photographing Abbotsford's 50th Annual Airshow!

And then we visited the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Center..

Hosted our first Link Up Party

And went to a Christmas Concert.

 Thank you so much for following along, and if you aren't already, please do consider becoming a follower! It means so much to me and you'd make my 2013 that much happier. (: All you need is an e-mail address! Please do!

December 28, 2012

Object Silliness!

Oh Noos! I forgot Humor Me Friday.. again! 
I'm going to try to make it up by posting an Object Silliness post! 
During the move I got to photograph a couple in the new house and well .. objects that showed up.
From the new bed.. It took me ages to put the bed together. It was super mean. 
This was its taunting face. 
A suitcase clasp.
Mom made each of a panettone. One of them ... had a face. 
And it kind of scared me when it was time to eat it.
Kinda hard to see this one, hence the following explanation:
Happy cooler is happy.
Panicking plastic container is... panicky!
Cool cucumber.
This guy kept me company during geometry finals..
When I got upset or stressed I'd turn him upside down. Then he looked like a teddy bear. 
Far less threatening than geometry constructions. 
Smiley Spud
The following photos were taken shorty after we'd moved in and quite a bit before mother's 

That's it for now folks.. Happy Weekend and New Year's...
Hope that 2013 brings many smiles and fun silliness your way.. (:

December 27, 2012

Other Blurbs.

Hey everyone!
Remember when I posted a bit about my feature on Teen Ink? "Ariel"..the short story?
I am so thankful to all of you who showed support by sharing, commenting on it and rating it! 
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It means so much.
Right.. about the other blurbs.. this week I was again pleasantly surprised by having a couple more submission published online, but also my photo: "What Dreams are Meant For" received an Editor's Award! 

Then this afternoon I received the news that my haiku submission "Anywhere or Everywhere" also received an Editor's Award and was featured on their front "Poetry and Haikus" page. 
Again, these happenings are exciting for me and I just wanted to share them with you because you're part of my life as well.. 

So thank you again for all your support, and if you have a moment to spare, each rating and comment is so very much appreciated. 

TidBit Thursday.

Well now.. Will you look at that. It's Thursday again! 
Christmas has come and past, another week has gone by, and it's time to link up! 
What were you up to this festive week? What will you be up to this weekend? 
Join the party, tell us and find out what others have been up to! 



December 26, 2012

Brazilian Queens and Winter Breaks.

I. am. swamped. 

 Break so far has been made up of lots of cleaning, being dad's secretary while he's traveling.. (taking phone calls, making phones calls, translating articles and letters, extremely fun stuff), cleaning, putting my new bed together (seriously! who are those manuals made for? An Asian Hulk? Smart and super strong? Because that thing has taken me two days and I'm still waiting for dad to get here to figure some things out...Oh.. and I've probably broken a piece beyond repair already.. not my fault! I'm not an Asian Hulk) and cleaning, baking cookies! cleaning and a couple of things. Have I mentioned cleaning? Yeah.. 

 See, Brazilian moms are the queens! of cleaning. They clean everything everywhere and please! get that whole "Windex spray and yellow gloves" scenario out of your mind. Cleaning for Brazilian moms means "get down on your knees and wipe that thing clean from top to bottom with a bucket of water and various cleaning products and a wet cloth" type thing. It has to squeak clean. The windows will blind the neighbors type clean. You will break your back and skin your knees type clean. They enjoy this backbreaking labour. They take pride in their scoured stainless steel pans and shiny pots and stainless glasses and the house smells clean. 

 So it only stands to reason that the first thing my mother set out to do in our new home was... clean it from top to bottom. Thing is, the elderly lady who lived here.. probably never knew you could reach inside that cabinet and give it a good scrubbing.. she probably never knew that the workshop or the toolroom in the garage could be mopped, or that the deck might need its windows cleaned from inside and out... my mother does. The carpet will be vacuumed fifty times to get all the cat hair gone. gone. gone. The wooden floor will be varnished. The tulips will be planted. And oh so many hundreds of other things will be done. And you know what the best part is? I'm on break. I get to help! I admit it's exciting and I love this about her because I'm pretty proud of the house's customary cleanliness too. 

 Right now, however, it seems like we clean and organize and move stuff and get rid of boxes... but it never ends! There's still dust, there are still windows to wash and boxes to unpack and things to find places for.... Everyday something new and unexpected shows up and the plan you had to put the basement to rights or to finally find a place for that box just goes out the window...! *sigh*

 It's still a very happy exhaustion ..but I can't wait 'til things are put in their place and we can all breathe a bit easier... People say it takes six months.. I'm crossing my fingers for two weeks... 

 How long did it take you to settle into your home?

December 24, 2012

From Us to You.

From our family to yours,

Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays.

May wonderful blessings come your way ... !

December 20, 2012

TidBit Thursday.

Well hello again Thursday! 
So much has happened since our last Link Up part, but I'm messing with an idea for a round up post. However if you've been following along in any other form (Twitter/Instragram/Facebook) you probably already know much of what's been happening. 
But for now, let's link up everyone! 



December 19, 2012

When it Snows.

This morning I was awaken by the Kid in my face.. "Look outside! Look outside!" 
He then proceeded to lift up the blinds and warn, "Careful 'cause it's gonna be bright!" 
Sure enough.. it was bright and white outside... 
This is the first snowfall in our new home..  Here's what's outside our windows...
(I do realize that this is absolutely nothing but dust for our friends back east our up north.. for us it's exciting nonetheless...) 

December 17, 2012


I am... exhausted... 

I feel like I've been carrying the moving truck on my back..

This week is the week a bunch of little things fall into place...

In other words.. I can't wait 'til the weekend. 

We moved most everything today.. and most everything's in complete disarray as of yet.. 

But everything will settle soon ... I hope.. 

It's a happy exhausted I'm feeling right now, and I can't wait to see what tomorrow ends up like..

How has your week been so far?

P.S. This is the very first post from the new house! (:

December 14, 2012

A Not So Humorous Friday.

I realize today's not a very humorous day... for many it's a devastating day and as to the event that makes this day the gruesome and saddening day it is (read about it here) I can't even find words... I can't begin to... In the words of 'the internets': "I have lost my ability to can..."
I pray for those who are mourning, I pray for those who have been affected, I pray for each of us, God help us all.. 
I wasn't going to post today's Humor Me Friday collection today, but for the sake of my own Child* who looks forward to this post every week, I will post it and hope to tug a smile or two. 

Let's start with some punny business:

Now this is everlasting love...
Now what are you going to do, hmm?

And my protest continues! I do not understand how three circles, or and x, or any of that can turn into a nose! I refuse! I protest! There's got to be a better way! There's got to be an intelligible tutorial out there somewhere!

And my personal favorite... 
Hope everyone has a safe weekend..~*
*Calling my brother "my child" probably doesn't help my endeavors to clear up the fact that I am 18 and happily married to my studies any....But the fact still remains that when I say, "The Kid" or "My Child" I am really just using my brother's "pet name" if you will... The fact still remains I am not a mommy blogger, I am single, I have no kids. (Don't get me wrong, I love kids and I do dream of having my own someday...but today is not that day..nor tomorrow..nor the day after that...etc.

December 13, 2012

TidBit Thursday.

It's time to link up with your post of the week! :D

On another note...has anybody gotten snow yet? We've had threatenings but no real snow so far... *sigh* If you have any and are willing to mail some over, I wouldn't mind at all.. (:

Happy Thursday, Y'all!



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