Stream of Consciousness While Waiting for Class to Begin.

(English class [which I feel I will LOVE] was let out early today, so I have ten minutes to write...)

This is most interesting, you see. 
Sometimes I panic, and freak out, and shiver and tremble.
Then I feel calm and shivers of excitement.
Sometimes my brain feels calm.. but my body breaks into a cold sweat and shakes. 
But it will be alright. One more day 'til the end of the first week. 
It'll be fine. 
I'll know what I'm doing..soon..hopefully. 
Chapel is one of my favorite parts.. not having a set time for lunch isn't. 
I love lunch! 
I should probably stop typing now. The class is filling up with people.

So far.. so good.. 


  1. You seem to be enjoying it! I'm so glad! Such an exciting time in life! :-)

  2. Like Kate said, this is such an exciting time for you - - with endless possibilities!! Dream big!

  3. Just found your cute blog through the blog hop. I'm a new follower. Hope you'll stop by sometime!


  4. Before you realize it you will settle into a routine and get used to it and then your nerves will disappear. How exciting!


    1. They're almost gone now..pretty sure they'll come back around midterm time... but that's healthy I think.. (:

  5. A little bit of nerves can be a good thing and of course you will settle in : )

    Must be so exciting!!!


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