TidBits from "Enter Month Here."

These are scattered tidbits from the months past...
Because not everyone has twitter.

Just give me Judd Nelson thrusting his fist in the air because he knows he got me... Just give my Patrick Swayze reminding everyone that nobody puts baby in the corner.. Just give me Patrick Dempsey offering to ride away on the back of his lawn mower.. Or give me Eric Stoltz telling me he didn't know. '85 - '87

Imma get myself a big fat Newfoundland pup. That shall be my equivalent of a cat collection. I shall be known as the "crazy Newfoundland puppy lady." Because I could never be normal and be something that already exists.

Doing laundry like a big girl!
So far so good. It's the next day and I'm still waiting for clothes to dry 'cause I forgot to check if they were dry last night.

On the way to the airport, Victor pointed out a restaurant that offers "Indian Style Chinese Food" .. well that ought to be interesting, no?

So we were going to pick up Daddy at the airport.. But the car doors are frozen.. and refuse to open..So we have to wait now... 

 I kind of..um.. have trouble paying attention. Especially to vital details. This is problematic in so many things, baking very much included. See, sometimes I decide to get creative and look up a recipe, except it's in "British" meaning the measurements are like so: 

170g flour

I am left gaping at that. I have no idea how much that is. No idea I tell you. None. 
 Anyways, a really nice lady wrote the recipe like so: 

170g/3/4 cup flour 

Easy right? British and American measurements (there's a more technical way to say that I'm sure) side by side. Perfect! Right? Except.. it's super easy to miss that 3 there... Take your time .. subtract the 3 from that and what do you get?... I'm telling you..I shouldn't be allowed to bake anymore.

Helped Victor w/ his paper route today. Passed by a house with Halloween decor still up. I think they're confused. (Yes yes he's the golden child. Already has a job while I'm here spending it all on thin textbooks. Whatever.)

If you vacuum a spider it dies right? I'm terribly afraid it won't and will, instead, survive and come back a 6-legged creature thirsty for revenge!

Just finished organizing Monopoly; who plays and then leaves everything upside down like that!? All the money was in chaos! (I might have spent more time than I care to admit, sitting down amidst three Monopoly boxes and organizing everything. Cards, money, houses/hotels. I see your smirks. I know, when I have kids this will seem so silly. But I don't! So leave me to my crazy organizing ways!

I changed Blogger to "English - UK" just to see what would change. Nothing really did except I read everything in a UK accent in my head. ( I will never read it w/ an accent out loud because Loki-Lou and Sleepy Joe would, with good reason, be terribly insulted. )

From the week I finished high school: 
This week was fabulous... now.. let's make it even better and GET THESE FINALS OVER WITH! 

Pankicking? Darn it I just made up a new word... to get rid of finals.. we're gonna pankick!!


  1. Just give me John Cusack holding high his boom box!

  2. You read everything in a UK accent. That just made me laugh.
    Also, I refuse to vacuum spiders for that very reason. My husband assures me that they die, but, how does he know? (I once saw a BIG spider in the washer before I started to wash. I refused to take the clothes out afterward, afraid that somehow the arachnid had survived the 30 minutes of agitating and rinsing and was waiting to attack me.)

    1. THANK YOU! I am not crazy! (Or at least not alone in my craziness .. (; )

  3. You know I've got a special place in my heart for that first line, right?

    The spider thing was hilarious--especially the 6-legged part. I'm sure you're not at all interested in hearing this, but they may actually be able to survive being suctioned. We had an infestation of ladybugs one year and I was sucking them all up content that I was making progress, though their numbers did not seem to diminish significantly from one day to the next. Then I read that they can, in fact, survive being suctioned and CRAWL BACK OUT if the bag or other receptacle is not emptied into a bag that ties.


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