Humor Me Friday.

Oh lookit who's back! Humor me Friday. (: 
I have a long weekend this weekend, thank God for "Family Day" on Monday. 

I love my cannon. I mean Canon. of course.

I spent far too long laughing at this. Far too long.

Like a boss. It actually took me a while to see it.. (:

And my ability to follow drawing tutorials continues. 

You guys!! This happened this week! I wish I had known! 
I would've looked around for him..
Have a good weekend y'all! (:

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  1. Haha Love this! Thanks for making me smile :)

  2. Replies
    1. lol, you have a great sense of humor, Katie!

  3. I am dying over that camera picture. I love my Canon, too. It's a real 35mm that uses actual film. You might have to Google that... ;) I do wish I had the giant lens, though.

    Happy weekend to you, Larissa!

    1. Ohhh! Sounds awesome! I wish I had giant lenses too.. just not THAT giant.. haha

      Thanks TangledLou, right back at you. (:

  4. those are great. I wish I knew about Marty McFly too.

  5. Love it! *Sigh* now I need to watch "Back to the Future"...AGAIN! :)

  6. awe man I missed Marty!

  7. :-D I am so glad I read this post today!

  8. Love it all. I WILL try that eye exercise!


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