TidBit Thursday.

Finals. That's what's on my academic menu for the next week. Yes. I am very scared. But then it's over! All over! My first semester will have gone by just like that. I'm not sure that has fully sunk in yet. Speaking of things that haven't fully sunken in yet, I've been published. Yeah.

Okay so for the full story because this is exciting for me! There are three streams of Communications you can chose: Leadership, Media, and Professional Writing. (And then there's the General Stream meaning you take classes from all of these majors and boom you're awesome in all of them, however you have no specialization. Not necessarily a bad thing, means you're versatile.)

As a first year student, I wasn't yet sure what my stream would be. Am not sure actually...so this semester I focused on getting the general eds out of the way as well as a pre-requisite class in COMM (Communication Department) for the higher level classes.

For this introductory class the students were told to chose to write either a cultural critique of a TV show or a journalistic profile of someone. I chose to do a journalistic profile because, honestly, cultural critique requires research and I would much rather interview someone than research. My apologies Mr. Librarians.

Anyhow, when I submitted my journalistic profile (basically an interview/feature piece) for my Professor, she advised me to submit it to the school newspaper, and then went on to say I should consider choosing professional writing as my specialization. So.. I did. Submit my piece to the newspaper that is. To be honest, I didn't very much believe it would end up in the paper, but it did!

Wanna see?
That's my name right there! :)
Anyways, that's what's new. Prayers appreciated for finals. Please forgive my absence, and hurried post. More details and reminiscing and explanations just a couple weeks away! I cannot wait to get all this over with and get back to blogging. I miss it so much and all of you, too! Hold on.. I'm going over there to kick some exams and I'll be right back! :)

What've you been up to? 




  1. awesome awesome awesome ;)

  2. How exciting!! Congratulations!

  3. Great job!! So awesome that you had your article published! From what I could read of it, it was wonderful. You are such a great writer, so engaging.

  4. Doing a great big happy dance for you, Larissa! That's fantastic and you deserve it. So much.
    OK now, don't freak about the finals. Study and do your best and that's it. You can do this. Prayers for rest and confidence and strength for you, my dear!

  5. that is so wonderful!! Congrats!! :)

    Prayers for finals, I know you will do well!!

  6. Congratulations on the article.

    I am sure you will do well on finals. Almost done :)

  7. WOWZER!!! Congrats & I couldn't be prouder of my wee blogger! Good luck on finals (as if you need it).

  8. Congrats!!! That is awesome and best luck on you finals! We are on spring break next week!


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