Humor Me Friday.

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Welcome to another installment of Humor Me Friday. 

I apologize in advance if this is disrespectful. I've been fascinated with the royals since forever and have read some of Princess Di's biographies. Love her! But this is just hilarious and makes me want to buy one of these plates from the thrift stores around here that have tens and tens of them.
Oh I miss my childhood and watching this over and over.
He's just too cute.
Well... okay then! Where are my running shoes?
Last but not least: 
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  1. heehee! I mean, you're kind of asking for behaviour like that if you're ever going to put any kind of face on a plate.

  2. The food hairdos are so funny!
    Love Sound of Music too!

  3. This cracked me up. Did you read "Forever Leisel" (and I think I'm spelling it wrong)? Great behind-the-scenes book!


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