June 21, 2013

Humor Me Friday Family Photo Session Edition.

Instead of doing a Humor Me Friday installment this week, I was going to put up new family photos that we took in the backyard. Apparently now I'm doing both. You see...family photos is notorious for 1. stressing everyone out
2. taking forever to get a good one
3. filling up memory cards with photos and getting three decent ones at best
4. making it hard to love your siblings
5. produce photos you will laugh at and they will not, and vice-versa.

So below I present to you only three of the many out-takes from our family photo session.
But whatcha gonna do, right? 
We're thinking maybe this one is the one we'll keep:
or this one
Meh, we're cute when we want to be. :)
What happens during your family photo sessions? Do you take them regularly? Do you have a professional do them?

8 Wonderful people made my day!:

  1. Ha! You are so right about family photos! I love your brother photo bombing your parents in that second picture. :0)

  2. Beautiful pictures! Love that first one! And you are SO right - nothing like family photos to elevate, well, everything!

    1. Hahaha.. yeah.. Thanks Purple Dreamer! :)

  3. Love it! In my family it's hard trying to wrangle all of our kids to look one way. My mom takes so many pictures, and in the end has one that is 'okay' and most of her 8 grandkids are looking at the camera. She frames it for all to see!

    1. That happens at my grandma's too.. .It's kind of weird to go back to her house and see all of these photos of us..it's a like a museum of my life or something, hehe.


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